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My Wedding ROM & Reception

I got myself hitched at the age of 30. Can't believe that I am officially 30 years old. LOL. My husband, Felyx proposed to me on my 29th birthday in Seoul, Korea. We started to plan for our wedding in June 2017. It is always my desire to have a garden style wedding. For me, a wedding is an event that I wish my family, relatives and close friends could be there to witness how we made our vows and give us their utmost blessing. Unfortunately, many old folks think that a wedding is an opportunity for them to do a party for their own and we shall follow what they want. Thanks to my immediate family (especially my mom and godmom) and relatives, they were very supportive in whatever I would like to do for my wedding. Thank God for giving me strength and perseverance in standing firm on what I want to do. Even though I gave in to some unwanted dinner ceremony, but I do expect mutual understanding and respect. After surveyed for few venues, I have decided RGB & The Bean Hive. I h