Penang - Purrfect Cat Cafe

I have to make a confession here. Not only I am the mouthless cat (Hello Kitty) fanatic, I am also the real cat servant-to-be (mom don't allow me to have a cat but I really wanted to get a cat, maybe after my wedding). 

After visited Hin Bus Depot, I decided to walk to Purrfect Cat Cafe located at Jalan Mutri. It took me about 20 minutes to reach there. The weather was super hot and my skin was peeling the next day, due to sun burnt I guess. Haha. Spontaneous plan doesn't comes with sunscreen. 😂

Turn in when you see Gala House.

You will pass by a temple on your right.

Muntri Mews i a very beautiful hotel and cafe. I wish to stay here for vacation next time. 

Mews Cafe.

Here we are, the Purrfect Cat cafe!! You will see it after Mews Cafe.

The ground floor is basically a store that sold varieties of cat design products, from plush to shirt, key chains to earrings, even panties are printed with cat designs too!! 

Cute mural painting at the entrance.

So please meow your ticket at RM13 per entry, no time limit and not included any drinks. You may order drinks at extra cost. 

Staircase to cat lovers' heaven :)

I was told to wash my hands before go upstairs to play with the cats. Other meow rules stated as above. Please adhere to the rules so that everyone can enjoy the companion of meow meow. 

Yeah, cats love to sneak out. Beware.

Blackboard with the cats details and photos. I particularly love the verse there : AS EVERY CAT OWNER KNOWS, NOBODY OWNS A CAT. This is so true!! Cat owner will always be the cat servant. LOL.

Part of the interior. I should do a mini contest on 'Spot How Many Cats Were There In This Photo'. Hahahaha. 

'No, I am so gonna closed my eyes when you took my photos. Yes, I did it purposely.' 

'Why are you peeping on me?'

Haha. Sit like it is ready to be roasted. 

Such a fluffy white cat!!!

'I am the cat king! Stand high & tall!'

'I love being in this cat shape bowl'

This is a poor cat, it was being grounded inside this room due to fighting with other cats. I met this lady from Dubai who is currently residing at Brunei, she told me this shouldn't be the way to treat a cat. It is cat's natural instinct to run, to fight coz' they are playful and curious. She said she can see this is a good cat and definitely not as bad as what the staff told her, based on her experience of having three cats at home. This cat could have just jump and escape from this glass room if it wants because the glass panel is not so high after all. This cat meow in such a sad tone and was like asking for help. I felt sad for it. :(

This is Snowy, the first cat that stays at Purrfect Cafe. 

Hey handsome, are you looking for something from my bag? 

'I am posing for some commercial ad and I think I look great'. 

'I am sleepy'. 

'I am dreaming of some yummy tuna...'

'When is our meal gonna be served?? I am dying...'

'Okay, I am kinda....exhibitionism...'

Me in my vacation sundress that I bought from Lebuh Armenian. Love the soft and flowy material. Thank God I was wearing this sundress when I walked from Hin Bus Depot to Jalan Muntri. Else I think I already melted with my own long sleeves top that I brought to Penang. 

Yeah right, cat owners totally got this. LOL. 

If you ask my Purrfect Cat Cafe experience, I think is worth visit it once for some afternoon relax time. Don't expect the cats will play with you coz' they are not so friendly and prefer to lay there on their own without disruptions. You may just observe their movements, their interactions with other cats and try to touch them (if they don't like they will just push you away). 

You may check out my cat cafe experiences in Japan and Korea, my favorite will be the cat cafe in Korea. Their price is reasonable with so many cats for you to cuddle with. 

Hope you enjoy reading this meow post! You may check out the cafe details at below 👇

Purrfect Cat Cafe
Address: 53, Jalan Muntri, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.
Operation hours: Monday to Sunday (10am - 9.30pm)

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