Penang - Hin Bus Depot

I've been wanted to visit Hin Bus Depot as I know this is an artsy bitsy place for someone like me. I have done some online research and found that there are few cafes located within Hin Bus Depot. Since I was looking for a place for food and paperwork; on the same time, experience the artistic atmosphere, so why not? I was staying at Gurney, so I took Grab car which costs RM7 to reach Hin Bus Depot.

I was welcomed by a skinny cat who was so manja and followed wherever I go. Cutie pie 💓

There are few cafes and stores, all were designed with distinctive arts and greens.




Some art pieces.


The directory of Hin Bus Depot. Not really updated as Buu's Kitchen was replaced with Kitchen Chemistry. 

Skinny meow be my model of the day. 😁







Another meow relaxing at a spot covered from the sun.

Event deck. There is Pop-up Market happening every Sunday from 11am to 5pm. I heard that every Tuesday night is movie night also. There was a group of people busy with moving and decorations, I guess there was some night event on that day. 

Kitchen Chemistry, used to be Buu's Kitchen.

It was called The Glass House too.

I ordered a Vietnamese Coffee from The Black Market, RM10. I asked for less sweet, the boss suggested I go without sugar and condensed milk since I used to drink Hand Drip coffee. Vietnamese coffee beans are more strong and dark, more to a bitter taste. Not everyone can drink without sugar or condensed milk thou. 


My Nasi Lemak from Kitchen Chemistry, RM19. The rice was cooked with butterfly pea flower that made it looks beautifully in blue. The baby anchovies were crispy enough. The fried chicken was too dry and not juicy, I had feedback to the staff there and hopefully they could improve on the fried chicken.  

Milk coffee made from local Penang roasted coffee beans with little condensed milk. It was a treat from The Black Market. Thanks Austin for your generous treat. It was nice talking to you and hope you manage to learn the coffee roasting skill from the talented old uncle. 😉 

There was an exhibition on My Journey By Bus near the info counter.

Bought two postcards produced by My Journey By Bus.

The entrance directly to the exhibition. 

So this was the main entrance I guess. The Grab driver dropped me at the car park area so I don't get to see the original Hin Company Ltd facade. 


Bricklin Cafe well known for their good coffee and cakes, but no main course. That's why I didn't choose them at the first place. Gonna visit next time for tea time maybe. 

I really love the space very much. So relaxing like you are away from the city hustle. I saw two Caucasians reading books while sitting on the swings, an uncle walked around taking photos, young couples chit chatting, two bff taking photos for each others, grey cat sitting under the tree and let visitors took its photo, etc. I will definitely visit Hin Bus Depot again. I hope you will like this place as much as I do. 😘 

Hin Bus Depot
Address: 31A, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. 
Opening hours: Monday - Friday (12pm - 8pm), Saturday & Sunday (11am - 8pm)

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