Seoul - Common Ground & Gangnam

Yo yo!! One more day before we return to Malaysia! Sort of excited to return to my homeland. Hahaha. Totally different feeling when I was in Japan last year.

We had a quick breakfast at the convenient store below our apartment. This Beef Sushi Roll was not too bad. 

One of the famous tourist location - Common Ground. 

Famous for its blue containers design and artistic pop up stores. It became a trendy place for youngsters.

The roof top where you can overview the whole Common Ground.

We have decided to have some healthy food here, with its fresh ingredients, healthy and low salt concept. 

Spicy Stir Fried Pork, 9,000 won. Surprisingly this is good! The pork wasn't too oily or too spicy. Just nice for us.

Our usual OOTD couple shoot. Thanks the teenage girl for offered her help when we were looking for people to help us take photo. And she has quite good photography skill too (compare to others Koreans we have approached before). 

My man saw this and wanted to try out. we have chosen the Custard Painchou. I would say no no for this. Too hard to bite, not crispy at all. 👎👎

Then we departed to Gangnam area. 

Haha! Super cute Skinfood van. Wait for me!!

I love such store design. It looks especially great in the day when day light could easily get into the shop.

While walking, I accidentally saw this restaurant where we have been looking for it near Ihwa-dong area. 


My Itaewon Budae Gukbap, 7,500 won. Oh this is really spicy but I love it! Comfort food to be taken during the cold night. 

My man's Grilled Butter Bibimbap with JJang-A-Chi, 8,500 won. The butter made the rice tasted fragrance and especially good when mix with the smooth eggs. I prefer mine thou. Hehe~

Cute dog hook prepared by the bakery shop in front of the shop for pet owners' convenience.

Surprisingly nothing much to see at Gangnam around 9pm. Many shops were closed. So we went back to where we stayed - Dongdaemun to spend our night. 

Went back to the restaurant that we came on the first night, for its dumplings. 

My man was quite sad that the LED flowers got no light when we went. But at least we found them right? :p 

See how stupid I was! Can't even wear the gloves properly. LOL. 

AGAIN!! We went back for its Wicked CHOCOLATE this time. It was great but I think Wicked GOLD is greater. Two days continuously, I guess you can see how much we loved this bingsu. Hahaha. 

I will be updating my 8 Days 7 Nights Seoul Trip Itinerary for your reference in the next post. Don't miss out if you are preparing for your Seoul trip! 😉😉

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