Seoul - 8D7N Itinerary for very relax couple

Our 8 Days 7 Nights Seoul trip ended very soon. I was pretty exciting to go home thou. LOL. Upon checking out from our Airbnb, we departed directly to Incheon International Airport as it takes about 90 minutes to reach there from our place.

After checked in and dropped our baggage, we went for our lunch at the Food Hall.

My man had the Ginseng Chicken Porridge.

While I had my favorite SPAM luncheon meat with rice. Both of us were given a packet of seaweed, so he just mixed into his porridge while I mixed into my rice. (Don't even know whether is the correct way to consume it. LOL)

Found this pastry shop that sells cute Hello Kitty dessert and beverage in Hello Kitty paper cup. Can never miss them! 

Closer look of my kawaii Hello Kitty cup!

So, as per the title, the below itinerary is suitable for VERY RELAX couple. Definition of VERY RELAX can be termed as waking up at 1pm, get ready and go out by 2pm. 🙄🙄 So don't expect pack schedule with like 10 destinations a day.

  1. Two Two Fried Chicken
  2. Lotte FITIN
  3. Dongdaemun Design Plaza
  4. Korean Dumpling Restaurant*
  5. Goodmorning City
  6. Hello APM Mall
  7. Cartoon & Book Cafe - Kong Toon
  8. Osulloc
  9. Migliore
  10. Doota Mall
  11. Line Friends Store
  12. Too Cool For School
  1. The Venti Coffee & Beverage
  2. Line Friends Store 
  3. 明洞营养粥| 营养饺子
  4. Mari House
  5. Innisfree Green Cafe
  6. Myeongdong Street Food*
  7. Myeongdong Cat Cafe
  8. Delimanjoo
  1. Oneday Hanbok
  2. Bukchon Hanok Village
  3. Tea House
  4. Train Museum
  5. Object
  6. Ssamziegil
  7. Korean Homestyle Restaurant*
  1. One Piece Cafe
  2. Hello Kitty Cafe
  3. aA Design Museum
  4. Jangtugaree
  5. Starbucks
  1. ISSAC
  2. Myeong-dong Cathedral
  3. Milky Bee
  4. N Seoul Tower
  5. Hello Kitty Island
  6. Ginseng Chicken Restaurant*
  7. Myeongdong Street Food*
  1. 10X10 Design Lifestyle Store
  2. Traditional Korean Restaurant*
  3. Ihwa-dong Mural Village
  4. Ehwasang-Jeom
  5. Gwangjang Market
  6. The Venti Coffee & Beverage
  7. APM Place
  8. U:US
  9. APM Luxe
  10. Wicked Snow
  1. Common Ground
  2. Korean Health Restaurant*
  3. Painchou
  4. Gangnam areas
  5. School Food
  6. Korean Dumpling Restaurant*
  7. Dongdaemun Design Plaza
  8. Wicked Snow
Day 8 - Return to Malaysia

Remark: Those marked with * are restaurants without English name, only in Korean; OR varieties of street food. Please refer to those links for more details and pictures.  

We usually visited one or two areas in one day. Our trip was solely to enjoy, eat, look and experience. 

My verdict on Seoul trip:
  • The toilet was unbearable. We are not allowed to flush the used toilet papers; instead, you have to throw at the rubbish bin next to it. I am fine if the toilet can be clean several times per day to make sure the rubbish bin is clear. Most of the time, the rubbish bin was overflowing. Just imagine what you can see from the rubbish bin and some of the flush button is just above the piles of used toilet papers. Okay, FML. 
  • Some people were rude, uncivilised and double standard. Case 1: The ajumma forced me to buy her clothes and threw the clothes away when I said I wanna look around first; even thou I spoke to her nicely.  Case 2: There are people, old and young, spit on the street regardless whether there are people walked behind or next to them.  Case 3: We were asked to pay for our food first at a Ginseng Chicken Restaurant, where most of the locals actually pay after meal. The ajumma looked at us with despise while changed her expression to a wide smiley face when she talked to local Korean. Case 4: No one let you in or out first at the train and they will just bang against you if they wanna walk pass you.  Case 5: Local Koreans will talk over the phone loudly in the train. Like super loud that whole train can hear. One is fine, imagine 5 people talked like that on the same time? More cases but these are some of the examples for your reference. 
In conclusion, Seoul won't be a place that I would love to visit second time. Maybe Jeju or Busan is worth giving a chance. Trust me, Tokyo is a place that you will miss it even after one or two years. You can take a read HERE

Hence, that's all for my 8 Days 7 Nights Seoul trip updates. Hope you enjoy reading my post 😉

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