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Seoul - 8D7N Itinerary for very relax couple

Our 8 Days 7 Nights Seoul trip ended very soon. I was pretty exciting to go home thou. LOL. Upon checking out from our Airbnb, we departed directly to Incheon International Airport as it takes about 90 minutes to reach there from our place. After checked in and dropped our baggage, we went for our lunch at the Food Hall. #1 My man had the Ginseng Chicken Porridge. #2 While I had my favorite SPAM luncheon meat with rice. Both of us were given a packet of seaweed, so he just mixed into his porridge while I mixed into my rice. (Don't even know whether is the correct way to consume it. LOL) #3 Found this pastry shop that sells cute Hello Kitty dessert and beverage in Hello Kitty paper cup. Can never miss them!  #4 Closer look of my kawaii Hello Kitty cup! So, as per the title, the below itinerary is suitable for VERY RELAX couple. Definition of VERY RELAX can be termed as waking up at 1pm, get ready and go out by 2pm. 🙄🙄 So don't expect pack

Seoul - Common Ground & Gangnam

Yo yo!! One more day before we return to Malaysia! Sort of excited to return to my homeland. Hahaha. Totally different feeling when I was in Japan last year. #1 We had a quick breakfast at the convenient store below our apartment. This Beef Sushi Roll was not too bad.  #2 One of the famous tourist location - Common Ground.  #3 Famous for its blue containers design and artistic pop up stores. It became a trendy place for youngsters. #4 The roof top where you can overview the whole Common Ground. #5 We have decided to have some healthy food here, with its fresh ingredients, healthy and low salt concept.  #6 Spicy Stir Fried Pork, 9,000 won . Surprisingly this is good! The pork wasn't too oily or too spicy. Just nice for us. #7 Our usual OOTD couple shoot. Thanks the teenage girl for offered her help when we were looking for people to help us take photo. And she has quite good photography skill too (compare to others Koreans we

Seoul - Ihwa-dong Mural Village & Gwangjang Market

So fast came to day six of our Seoul trip, which was also our 38th Monthsary 💑. Today's plans are Ihwa-dong Mural Village, followed by Gwangjang Market. #1 My man recommended this place for his art fanatic fiancee. I found so many lovely things here! 😍 From art piece to stationery, gadget accessories and living utensils. So many things I would love to buy from this store!!  #2 We stumbled upon this small little restaurant next to 10X10 store. The noodles and the pancake was so yummy. And guess what? They provided Cili Padi!!! OMG! Such a precious food for typical Malaysian like me!  After the scrumptious meal, we walked toward Ihwa-dong Mural Village. We took some time to actually found this place. The road was uphill and pretty narrow, plus many people decided to just simply park along the way, this caused terrible traffic jam. The craziness in me decided to be a reporter. LOL. Just for fun and hope you have a nice day! 😉 #3 #4 Oh no!!! D