Seoul - Myeongdong

Second day in Seoul. My luggage was still not delivered to me up to 2.00pm. I couldn't stay at Airbnb and just wait for the Air Asia team to deliver the luggage to me since they couldn't give me an exact time. I decided to go to Myeongdong which is two stations away from where I stayed. If anything occurred, at least I can return to my Airbnb in the shortest time.

Loving this working space near window with the sunlight and skyscrapers in Dongdaemun.

Cafe located just below where I stayed.

Ordered a Hot Latte and also a bun filled with red bean and cheese. The coffee is good. Oh don't order those flavored coffee like Caramel Coffee or Green Tea Latte as they tend to be really sweet. Too sweet.

Saw these two mascots and my man asked me to take a photo with them. 

Actually I preferred Panda. LOL. Poor Tiger being left out at the side. 😜

A must visit for Line Friends lover. You have to queue in order to take photo with this huge Brown Bear. Of course I didn't because this is not Hello Kitty. 

There are two storeys for this Line Friends store.

Many photo opp upstairs. 


Quite a cute snapback but too expensive.

Another photo opp near cashier downstairs.

Passed by this Hello Kitty cafe when I was looking for a restaurant for some nutritious porridge and dumpling. Didn't go in this cafe because I have planned to visit Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae, bigger and nicer.

Finally found you!!!

Kimchi and some pickles for our free refill.

We have ordered a Mushrooms with Oyster Porridge. It was really good and light for us as we have been eating too much spicy and meat. Oh and they are using fresh oyster, not dried oyster like Malaysian put in the porridge. Very fresh and sweet.

The dumpling was pretty good too. Nice shape huh? 

For mama who are looking for mother-daughter outfit, you can visit Mari House. They offered many nice outfits. Definitely modern and cute for both mama and daughter. 

Saw this Innisfree building.Must go in and check it out the Innisfree Green Cafe even thou i was too full to eat anything.

Feel free to take the Green Recipe Card! Very nice for journaling purpose. Haha.

There are various selection of fruit jam.

Some pastries.


Very cozy interior design.

Satisfied with the Innisfree Green Cafe tour, we went to check out the street food. 

Grapefruit juice, around 5,000 won if not mistaken. Just normal juice with no added sugar. The packaging is pretty interesting thou.

Waiting for my turn!

Cheese Baked Butter Scallops, 10,000 won. They mixed two types of cheese. Very yummy!! Expensive for us thou, street food that costs RM40. 

Sausage wrapped in Fish Cake, around 5,000 won if not mistaken. The texture was not bad.

Taiyaki, around 3,500 won if not mistaken. Oh well, I found it normal, but you can always try out since this is also one of the famous street food in Myeongdong. 

While walking along Myeongdong street, I saw a cat mascot distributing leaflet. So a cat lover like me rushed to him and took the leaflet (actually just to touch the mascot, LOL). Guess what? Is a Cat Cafe leaflet!! Last year when I was at Tokyo, I also visited a cat cafe there. Definitely I am not going to miss out the Seoul cat cafe!! The cat mascot tried his best to showed us where the cafe is. So we walked there immediately! πŸ’¨

Can't wait can't wait!!! πŸ˜„

Very vintage toys display.

At a glance, this is how the cafe look like. I would say this is more cozy compare to the Tokyo one

Oh why you so round? Hahaha~

We are given a big drawstring plastic bag to keep our belongings. This is to prevent the cat fur from sticking on our stuffs. Charges is 9,000 won per person, with a free beverage. Unlimited time, so you can enjoy with the cats until they close their cafe. I prefer this one compare to Tokyo one as in Tokyo charges 200 yen every 10 minutes spent in the cafe. Beverage have to add on, not included. 

Fat grey cat sleeping next to our table.

Why you looked so sexy with those eyes? πŸ˜†

Ah your legs so short and you are so round and fluffy!! 😍😍

Don't look at me, human! I am checking out myself in the mirror!

My man said this cat looked like a rug when he lay flat on the floor πŸ˜‚

Even thou you looked like a rug, I still like you. Haha. 

When is my turn to eat? I am tired of waiting... 

Finally finished work! I can stretch a bit and be my lazy self. 

What a perfect family portrait for both cat lovers!πŸ’“ 

To be frank, the cats in this Myeongdong Cafe are so much friendlier than those cats in Japan Mocha Cafe. At least you got the opportunity to pet them and they can hang around nearby you. In fact they like humans😻. But in Japan Mocha Cafe, the cats seemed to be more cool and don't really fancy being around humans. I strongly recommended Myeongdong Cat Cafe if you are a cat lovers! 😺

Spicy rice cake with fish cake, around 3,500 won if not mistaken. This is really nice, very spicy and the rice cake is very chewy. Not to forget, the hawkers are a pair of elderly couples. I admired their hard work despite their ages and also the cold weather. So please support them if you happened to pass by this hawker store. 

Delimanjoo, 3,000 won. Similar to the Kaya Balls in Malaysia, this is Cheese Balls. Very tasty and the texture is very fluffy! My man loved this so much and bought again the other day 😁

Myeongdong is a great shopping paradise and street food hunt. You can spend a good whole day there. You can find branded and non-branded stores there. Very convenient one stop shopping destinations. 

πŸ‘‰For traditional cultural lovers, next post I will share about Bukchon Hanok Village and where you can rent your Hanbok for photo shooting. See you soon! πŸ‘‹

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