Seoul - Myeong-dong Cathedral & Hello Kitty Island N Seoul Tower

Proposal excitement was still burning within both of us since yesterday night 😊😊 It was the first day both of us carried a different relationship status - fiance & fiancee to continue with our Seoul trip. I felt so different, mentally and psychologically. Happier and even secure than ever. I was like a kid who just owned a new toy; opened my eyes and asked my fiance to pass me the ring and let me have a look. I even have to pinched myself a little to make sure I wasn't dreaming. LOL. 

Today's plan is to visit Myeong-dong Cathedral and also N Seoul Tower. Before we start our visiting, I must introduce this breakfast choice for you!

ISSAC! Considered moderate queue when we first arrived. The queue was so much longer when we left. 

Bite your own toast! No cutting!

Bulgogi patty + egg + cheese + pickle + cabbage (this is seriously how they wrote on their menu, LOL), 2,800 won. This was really yummylicious and we regretted for only ordered one!! Oh by the way, there are few Issac outlets in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun too. But the best is this one in Myeongdong. is a MUST try if you go to Myeongdong!

After the satisfied breakfast, we continued our journey to the Cathedral. We were a bit lost and we went into the Tourist Information Centre to ask for assistance. Very kind front desk staff explained the directions and also gave us a map. 

Yay! We found it!!

Soon-to-be-husband-and-wife arrived at this holy place, we felt so peaceful and loved. 

Few panoramic views of the Myeong-dong Cathedral .





There were few staffs standby to assist you if you have any enquiries. This female staff told us this is the best photography spot. So she helped us to snap a few photos here.

This is a perfect photo with my curled hair flow nicely, awesome architecture and also the shine bright proposal ring 😁😁 

There are also commercial stores and restaurants for your shopping and relax purposes located underground.  Good place to keep you warm. 

While we were walking toward N Seoul Tower, I told my fiance that I wanna eat this rose ice cream (ever since the second day in Seoul, hahaha) So he granted me this wish. πŸ˜‹


Strawberry + Chocolate + Green Tea + Yogurt Rose ice cream 🌹🍦 Tasted better than the one I had in SS15 Malaysia. 

The route to N Seoul Tower cable station is really tiring. Far and steep (never did I know, Ihwa-dong Mural Village is almost the same!! stay tune for next post on this!) The cable car could fit about 48 pax in one ride. I felt like tuna in a can. 😩 

You will reach the Love Locks area before you reach N Seoul Tower entrance. My fiance insisted we put a love lock there even thou I wasn't really keen because I felt like I was cheated to pay for the love lock and my lock have to cramped with so many others locks. LOL. Still don't like the feeling of tuna in a can. Hahaha. 

And yeah, we did put a love lock there. 

Then you have to climb the staircase to reach N Seoul Tower entrance. Somehow I think they despise those elderly or those with joint problem. IT WAS FREAKING TIRING TO CLIMB SUCH STAIRCASE AND I ALMOST DIED!!! ISH ISH ISH!

Imitation contest begin now!

Bear versus me. 

Me versus bunny.

Okay, trio.

Who win? Tell me.

N Seoul Tower has few attractions, including its own over-viewing deck, SSentoy Museum and also Hello Kitty Island. I wasn't really wanted to visit Hello Kitty Island coz I don't want to waste money. But my fiance insisted to bring me in and said we should just go in if it makes me happy. Aww~ melted heart πŸ’“  So he purchased a combo ticket for over-viewing deck & Hello Kitty Island for 12,500 won per person. 

I seriously love this Hello Kitty outfit and I only realized she is carrying a love lock shape handbag when I was about to finish the touring. LOL. 

Let me share some of the panoramic views of Hello Kitty Island. 

The whole Island thingy started with Hello Kitty History.

The annual Hello Kitty icons were displayed in sequence. 

Hello Kitty Living Room

Hello Kitty Kitchen. I saw many cute kitchen wares that I wish I can bring them home! Too bad is for display only, not for sales! >_<

Hello Kitty Bedroom

Hello Kitty Party Room on the left and Hello Kitty Mini Garden on the right. 

Hello Kitty Street where you can see bus, cable car & telephone booth. 

Hello Kitty Heart Hall where you are free to write your message on the heart shape card provided on the table, then hang it on this area.

I was so glad that my fiance insisted to bring me to Hello Kitty Island. I had so much fun. And if you notice, there are no other patrons other than me and my fiance. LOL. Poor thing, no business. That made me have fun photo shooting everywhere I liked.  

The over-viewing deck was super dark and nothing much to see. There is a souvenir corner, candy corner, and also restaurants.

It was super cold and tiring when we have to walked back to Myeongdong street. We went to a Ginseng Chicken Soup restaurant to have our dinner. Warning: If you are someone who can't take light food, this is not for you. Very bland for most of the people. I felt okay thou. 


Talking about this restaurant, it was an unpleasant experience. We were being treated differently by the Korean staffs. When we ordered, this old lady asked us to pay at the counter. So I double confirmed with her, do I pay first or I pay after meal. Then she pointed at the cashier and said 'PAY'. So my fiance went and made the payment. Then I realized all the patrons paid AFTER meal. Okay, never mind. Maybe we looked like we couldn't afford the meal.

While we were eating, this old lady at the cashier walked pass our table, she stared at us with those disgusted look. But when she walked pass the local Korean table, she smiled widely and talked nicely to them. Okay, seriouly, WTF?  

I wouldn't post or mention the restaurant name. But if you are really interested to know, you may leave me a message.

After such an unsatisfied meal, we went to hunt for street food in Myeongdong.

Okay people. I seriously think Malaysia has better 炸酱青. This is the most unsatisfied street food I had in Myeongdong street.

Egg bun, 2000 won. This one is not bad, you may try it out. A bit sweet & savoury. 

Do you know that Live Octopus is something you should try when you visit to Korea? *For adventurer only! Hahaha! Next post I shall share with you my experience in eating the live octopus (contains videos!) Stay tune! 

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