Seoul - Hongdae (Hongik University)

Birthday girl woke up in very exciting mood because Hello Kitty Cafe, here I come!!! 😍😍 There are few Hello Kitty Cafe but I have decided to visit the one in Hongdae because it is the biggest one among all.

One Piece lovers, SCREAM!!!! My man was very happy to saw this! Hahaha! We accidentally found this when we were looking for the Hello Kitty Cafe. This is a One Piece Cafe and merchandises store. 

Always love red bricks being incorporated in the architecture. A snapshot of my birthday OOTD. Thank you MODO for such a pretty top and skirt. Scroll down to see the top as this one covered up by the jacket and wool scarf. 

Oh I found you! Welcome to Hello Kitty Cafe!! Big Bow at the entrance that sure catch your attention!


Can't wait can't wait!!!

Panoramic view of the Hello Kitty Cafe. Oh so pink right?? So sweet~~


Can't believe I am here!! 

Hello Kitty statue that welcomed us at the glass door entrance.

"Faster take the photo and I wanna go in already!!"

Huge Hello Kitty plush that worth 480,000 won, equals to RM1,862. It's okay, I just wanna take photo of it. LOL!

Birthday girl and the man that made her dreams come true 💓💓


Ordered a sandwich and hot latte as there wasn't much choices. Look at the cheddar cheese and carrots! 😍 The food and beverage was okay, better than Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe in Malaysia. 


The tiramisu which tasted average.

This is a huge Hello Kitty plush at the second floor. So fat that I called her 'Ah Bui' (fatty in Hokkien) 😂


Nice corner at second floor. 



Thanks for brought me to my favorite Hello Kitty Cafe on my birthday! I really enjoyed myself and bucket list ticked! Love you 💏 

We walked around Hongdae and found that there were many cafes and restaurants; maybe due to the patrons here who are mostly youngsters. 

Then my man brought me to a cafe called aA Design Museum. First floor is the cafe, second floor is the museum and there are also space for exhibition. 

Beverages and desserts were average. 

But interior design scored high!

I believe the owner is someone who loved antiques and mid-centuries designs. From the entrance to the interior, even hallway to the washroom, there are strong elements of vintage items. In fact, the hallway to the washroom was a bit scary, I found myself entered into some sort of mystery movie scene, LOL 😅

Hongdae is an area very suitable for youngsters with its cafe trends and also clothing or cosmetic stores. You can find many stores with creative architecture. Definitely not to be missed. 😉

Thought there are only typical Korean BBQ at Seoul? Next post I shall share with you a good dining place where you can enjoy grill pork while dine in a romantic European interior space. Oh, and a big announcement on my relationship status! Hahaha~ Stay tune! 😘

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