Seoul - Bukchon Hanok Village & Ssamziegil Mall

After spent two days in the modern and commercialised areas - Dongdaemun & Myeongdong, today we are going to experience the Korean traditional lifestyle.

My man has been wanting to eat this Strawberry Sandwich. Well I don't really fancy such breakfast thou. Haha. 

Before went to Seoul, I have done some research and found this hanbok rental shop - Oneday Hanbok. The reviews were pretty positive and the price was reasonable too. You can choose to make an appointment before you drop by to avoid long waiting. At first I thought of make appointment first but because my man is a very spontaneous guy who will change his plan as per his mood, so we decided to just walk in. 

Very clear direction provided by Oneday Hanbok from the train station to their store.

We reached there about 4pm (yeah I know, very late right? 🙄) There were few Taiwanese staffs and spoke in Mandarin with us. The store close at 8pm but we have to return the Hanbok by 7.30pm and the minimum rental is 4 hours. The staff asked whether we are okay with it since we have less than 4 hours but have to pay for 4 hours rental. Great courtesy for informed us before hand. We still decided to go ahead with it. 

We are allowed to try on 2 sets of hanbok, regardless men or women. If you want to try on the third set or more, you have to pay extra. I told the staff on my preference, such as color and design; and the staff helped to recommend based on the suitable size. Very quickly I found something I like. My man took longer time to choose as he always have difficulty in choosing. 🙄

And let's go and be 4-hours-Korean-couples!



The wind was so strong that you can see the ribbon was swaying, but nice effect thou.

In fact most of the ladies have to wear the net inside the Hanbok else it will be too long for them. But mine was too short so I no need to put on the net, which made my Hanbok looked really natural.


Tada! The 4-hours-Korean-Couples! 😁😁

Even thou there was sun, in fact it was super chill!! You are allowed to wear your own clothing inside and just wear the Hanbok over it. But because I am too tall and the Hanbok couldn't cover my own dress, I was only wearing my heat tech top and pants underneath. I was freezing...... 

We took a rest at this Tea House after walked for some time. 

This Tea House has very traditional Korean architecture. My Hanbok style looked perfectly like a painting in it.   

Mochi and tea.

After refreshed ourselves, we continued to explore the neighbourhood while walking back to Oneday Hanbok store.

The Train Museum.

How I wish Malaysia has such Innisfree store, best to have the Green Cafe together.

Loving the outlook.


I am sure all the land are Individual Title, that's why they can have various different designs for their stores. LOL. Ex-property industry work habit 😆

Object has been listed in my WANT TO VISIT list. Object is a store that sells various local design products, be it stationery, clothing or household items. Small but mighty. 

After returned the Hanbok, we walked to Ssamziegil as I heard it is a mall-like buildings that have various handmade or local design products. 

Here we are.

I love the spiral design buildings with so many different stores that sold stationery, crystal, clothing, essential oils, dolls, and so on. But we were too late so many stores are closing and ended their operations. We only made it to visit few stores. 

Oh there is a rooftop for you to leave your love locks there. Quite similar to the one in N Seoul Tower. I will share about N Seoul Tower in the following post.

It was pretty late already and we were starving. We walked around to look for food. Then we found this.

Korean style sushi with SPAM!!! Oh I love spam!!! Really tasty, no wonder a can of spam costs so much in Malaysia. 

Kimchi and pickles for us.

My man ordered the Spicy Seafood Fried Rice. Is so spicy that he started to have running nose after taken this, LOL.

I've been craving for ramen and so I ordered Spicy Ramen. The officer in Tourist Information booth told me that Koreans don't eat ramen at restaurant, they cook at home. Hahaha. Anyway, this ramen tasted so good!

All the food that we ordered in this restaurant were so yummylicious. Definitely worth to give it a try! They have few outlets in different areas. This was located in Insadong. 

Do not miss the opportunity to put on Hanbok and stroll around Bukchon Village. It is always a great experience to be able to enjoy and understand others culture through their traditional costume (besides food, primarily 😝). It also helps to create a great memories for your whole trip. 

Any Hello Kitty lovers here? Next post I will share about Hello Kitty cafe and also interesting places in Hongdae.  Stay tune! 

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