Seoul - Birthday Celebration & Wedding Proposal!!!

After having fun at Hello Kitty Cafe in the afternoon, my man brought me to an awesome place called Jangtugaree located at Sinsa for my birthday dinner.

So European interior with artistic paintings, lighting and even furnitures.

It was full house that time.

Can't wait to eat!!

Fresh Salad with Perilla Dressing, complementary side dish when you ordered Original Grill Pork Belly. Not the typical salad where you always need to save up for the sauce, just in case those vegetables becomes too dry at the last few bit. We ate the sauce like it is soup. Scoop and slurp. 

Mashed Potato with Cheese, another complementary side dish. There is no brown sauce like the typical mashed potato we had. The texture is not those super smooth one like machine made, this is definitely handmade mashed potato. 

Baked Tofu with Cheese. This is super yummy! The tofu was so soft and the cheese was so sinful yet delicious! Must try!! 

The main course - Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly) served with Fried Kimchi Cooked In Butter. The pork belly is not too oily or fat. The kimchi has more fragrant after cooked in butter, compare to those typical kimchi. Both the pork belly and kimchi complement each other perfectly. Yum yum! 😋

The outlook of Jangtugaree. It is very easy to miss out if you don't look carefully. 

I had a wonderful birthday dinner at Jangtugaree. Thanks my man for the great planning! 💏

As per mentioned in the previous post, I have an announcement on my relationship status. 💞

Yes, I am officially engaged to my man on 16th March 2017!!!

My favorite ALLOVE engagement ring from SK Jewelry 💖

So, many people are curious on how I am proposed. It was just a simple but touching moment where my man kneel down and asked me to marry him in our cozy Airbnb. No special decorations, no photography nor videography crew, but everything was so personalised and all moments were captured in both our memories. 💑 I didn't expect him to proposed during this trip and he made me cried so much, tears of joy of course. 😻 

This is an awesome birthday trip where I went as a girlfriend and came back as a fiancee. 😊 Now I have a year to plan for our wedding. Excited yet nervous. Haha. Anyone wanna share some tips on wedding preparation? 😄

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  1. Oh my god! This is such a high rated birthday celebration. Food is garnished in an awesome manner. And these dressings are so much mouth watering. My friend is planning her dad's retirement party. Suggested her to go for best LA event venues without giving second thought. Also continental menu will be commonly liked by all guests.


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