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Talking about accommodation in Seoul, mostly will say Myeongdong, Hongdae or Dongdaemun. I have chosen Dongdaemun because there are many malls open during midnight, and is easier for me to look for supper during those odd time. LOL. 😁

From Incheon International Airport, we took AREX All Stops Train to Seoul station which cost 3,950 won per person. You can choose to take Express Train but is much more pricey, cost at 8,000 won per person. Since both of us weren't in rush and we can used that time to take a nap, so we are totally fine with All Stops Train. From Seoul station, we transferred to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station, got out from Exit 12 and walked for about 1 min. Tada! We reached our Airbnb. Very super duper convenient! 👍👍

Oh our first train experience was pretty annoyed. Unlike Tokyo where talking over phones are prohibited in the train and you even need to put on silence or off your phone if you are standing near the Special Seats for elderly or pregnant ladies. In Seoul, everyone put on their earphones/hands-free, and chit chat loudly over their phone. Yeah, very annoying. 

We tried out this Banana Milk at the train station. The first sip was way too sweet for me. But slowly you will get used to the sweetness and started to taste the milk. Apparently I found the whole range of this milk (winter melon, strawberry, chocolate and light) are very sweet at the first sip. Chocolate is the best for me. 

After checked in to our Airbnb, we went out to explore Dongdaemun. 

This is one of the must try in Seoul - fried chicken with beer! TwoTwo fried chicken is one of the famous fried chicken chain store, and just located next to where we stayed. We ordered the Original and Spicy Boneless Chicken, with a glass of 500cc beer for about 20,000 won. We managed to finish the whole plate, which left us so full for few hours even we walked a lot. *burp*

My man is an angel in disguise. 👼

I am the devil. Oops. 😈

Sexy butts at entrance of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

A paradise for artsy bitsy boys & girls!!!

You can find various designers' products here. Below I have shared few of my favorite products and designs. 








I almost bring back the pink color matches in #8 and the attractive soap bars in #10 & #12. But thanks to our brilliant leadership in Malaysia, currency is pretty terrible. 10,000 won equals to RM40.😒

There are two storeys in DDP for you to wander around and live in your fantasy art world.

Okay, am I the only one that think this thing looks a little......, erhem? 

After some walk, we went to the Tourist Information booth to asked for some food recommendation around that area. LOL. Thanks to the very helpful officer, we found rows of restaurants. 


Signature Pork Rib Dumpling, 6,000 won. This is very tasty and good to eat with their homemade chilli. 

Anchovies soup ramen, 4,000 won. The soup base must be boiled for quite some time that ensure a fuller taste. I am not a kimchi lover but the kimchi in Seoul is different from Malaysia. Their local kimchi is more spicy and not sour compare to Malaysia. I ate pretty lots of kimchi there.

Do note that many restaurants only have Korean name where I couldn't spelled out for you. You can save the photo of the entrance and ask the local.

After the meal, we went to Goodmorning City right opposite to this restaurant for some walk and digestion. Followed by Hello APM mall. 

We found this Cartoon and Book Cafe - Kong Toon hidden in Hello APM mall. 

I was told that I can send out a postcard completely free from here. That's me busy writing on the postcard.

Safe trip, my first postcard from Seoul.

You must try Osulloc if you come to Seoul. They are famous for their green tea and other tea products. 






A cup of Hot Green Tea Latte, a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream and a piece of Green Tea Cake, cost at 16,500 won. Their green tea really yummylicious and is not cheap. But you paid for the quality. Worth to try out at least once.

After a quick walk at Migliore, we went to Doota Mall

Found a life size Brown Bear at the Line Friends Store in DOOTA Mall. 

My uncle Chris love this Brown Bear in dinosaur outfit but too bad they do not have key chain type. And this big one costs about RM300. 

Do I look alike with the cat? Haha. 

Okay, I would seriously love to recommend this skin care brand - Too Cool For School to all of you. Their products have lovely design and packaging, not only that, I tried their masks and scrub, very good result! The price is not expensive and pretty much affordable. Mask for 3,000 won per piece, which I think is okay. The street food in Seoul is much more expensive than this mask. 😅

For clothing shopping, Goodmorning City, Hello APM and Migliore offered non-branded or non-designer clothing. If you like Uniqlo or fast fashion, you can go to LOTTE FITIN; while DOOTA mall offered more high range products with many designers clothing.

If you are looking for wholesale options, you can go to APM Place, U:US and APM Luxe. Very crowded and happening until 5am in the morning. No need to worry if you are insomnia or just plain bore.

That's my first day exploration in Dongdaemun. Next post I will be sharing about Myeongdong. Stay tune!

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