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Cool things to do with your partner on Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you might be thinking of cool ideas to make this day a special one. No need to scratch your head as I have made a list for you that might help – even if you don’t have lots of money. Nah, you are welcome 😉 1 – Snuggle I know you should snuggle often, but maybe take the day off to enjoy with your dearest sweetheart. What about having a marathon of your favorite show or drama? You can pick a new one to fall in love with, and watch it together – this way; you’ll have lots of topics to discuss for a long, long time. 2 – Breakfast and Flowers You might try not to be old school, but we all know that flowers and chocolate are important when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Wake your loved one with a pretty bouquet of flowers and a nice breakfast in bed. A good way to start the day! And you need help finding flowers 🌹🌹? Head to Flower Chimp and use the VALERIE30 discount code upon check out for RM30 discount. (I told you bef

Simply Thai Cooking Class at LaZat Cooking School

Recently I devoted many times in the kitchen because I found it satisfying when I cook something, displayed nicely and my man enjoyed eating them. I have unlocked few challenging dishes, such as Yong Tau Fu, Italian Hello Kitty shape Ravioli, and Spanish Seafood Paella. You can go to my Instagram and check out the photos! 😊 So i decided to join LaZat Cooking School and learned how to make my favorite Thai dishes. One of the reason why I have chosen LaZat Cooking School instead of other cooking schools, is because they offered Market Tour before the cooking session. My cooking instructor, Laty brought us around the market and introduced our local Malaysia fruits and vegetables, including 'ulam' (village vegetables) that can rarely find in market nowadays. Laty also shared some tips on choosing seafood and the best place to get varieties of paste for our dishes. After the tour, Laty brought us for 'Princess Leia's hair' roti canai 😂and teh tarik. For Malaysi