MaskSlim - Unmask Your Natural Beauty

With the ever changing lifestyle and pollution surrounding us, it is important for us to take good care of our skin. But there are so many brands in the market, how do we know which one is good for us? My ultimate choice will be products that are made in natural way. 

MaskSlim is the world's first daily mask beauty regimen using fruit essence and fruit stem cell ingredients that revitalise your skin and bring out your natural glow. MaskSlim researches and manufactures its own range of products in France, using a formula of 🍊orange stem cells and natural ingredients. MaskSlim products are developed using the latest technologically advanced process to deliver highly beneficial formulations that are proven to deliver multi-functional benefits including anti-oxidants, skin renewing, lightening, purifying, and nourishing. 

MaskSlim created a range of natural masks ideal for daily use, requiring only 15 minutes to see a noticeable difference. These products are effective at repairing and correcting major skin problems such as dehydrated skin, skin blemishes, oily & acne-prone skin, uneven skin tone, dark spots, aging skin and wrinkles. 

Wanted to know what range is suitable for your skin? Keep reading for more information! 😉

This range is created for fairer and more naturally glowing skin.

Lightening Oxygenating Face Mask - Use daily to lighten skin, moisturise deeply and smoothen lines for more youthful appearance. 

This range helps to keep your skin hydrated and stay gorgeous with two types of face masks.

Hydrating Firming 3D Face Mask - Use this daily to rehydrate, moisturise deeply and soften your skin for a sparkling fresh look. This masks contains of 35gm serum, which is higher compare to the Hydrating Face Mask below.

Hydrating Face Mask - Use this daily to rehydrate, moisturise deeply and soften your skin for a sparkling fresh look with 26gm serum in 1 sheet. 

This range mainly helps to maintain your healthy good looks with lifting and toning effect

Lifting Firming Charcoal Face Mask - Use daily to purify and firm skin for a vibrant and more youthful look

Lifting Toning Face Mask - Use daily to tone and moisturise skin with natural lifting and vibrancy for a more youthful look.

This range provides clarifying treatments for oily and sensitive skin.

Oil Control Clarifying Balancing Face Mask - Use daily to control oil skin and eliminate blemishes, with moisturising & smoothing benefits.

Oil Control Calming Face Mask - This mask helps to calm and soothes troublesome skin conditions. It provides rehydrating and moisturising benefits, on the same time, smoothens and softens skin texture. 

This ranges helps you turn back time with MaskSlim all-natural serums.

Eye Firming Face Mask - Use this daily to brighten, moisturise deeply and firm up skin for a renewed beauty that is forever young. 

Total there are 5 ranges for your selection. Cannot choose? MaskSlim makes your life easier where you no need to choose, just purchase their 30 Days Face Mask Box that contains of all the above face masks, only at RM488! With this 30 Days Program, you can provide your skin with total benefits! Your skin will sure thank you for this! 

Visit MaskSlim official website for your shopping now! Still got few days to go before Christmas, you better act fast and you still in time to be pretty and gorgeous on the special occasion! 

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