Gusta Cafe - Taste of Himalayas

Remember the last time I recommended Momo King, the Nepalese cuisine? This time, I have visited Gusta Cafe, a restaurant where it serves Nepalese cuisine plus Western cuisine for a broad menu selections.

Different from Momo King which is located in a mall, Gusta Cafe is located at Soho Suites @ KLCC, the centre of the Klang Valley.

Once you walk out from the lift, you can find Gusta Cafe on the right hand side. The rolled up bunting made a perfect signage for you to locate them easily. 

The open kitchen and beverage counter.

Gusta Cafe is just next to the swimming pool. However, this area is only accessible for the residents. They can order food from Gusta Cafe and enjoy them at the open deck.

Bright cheerful orange paint with the local Nepalese photos made this place more significantly different from other cafes. I was busy browsing through the menu there when my man took photo of me. 

Can you see my glutton face? Yes, I wanna eat it immediately!! 

Briyani with Chicken, RM14. Special rice dish made with aromatic basmati rice and chef's special ingredients, slow cooked over a low flame to perfection. If you have eaten local Nasi Briyani before, you will find the colors slightly different. Our local one is more yellowish, while Gusta cafe served a more orange color Briyani. 

The chicken is very soft and tenderly juicy. At first I thought the chicken is cooked together with the rice because it totally absorbed the fragrance of the rice. Then Mr Ramesh told me the chicken is actually cooked separately but served them together. I will say they marinated the chicken so well and  when rice are served together, there won't be two isolate taste. 👍👍

By the way, the portion is so big that one person can hardly finish all. Best for sharing! 👭

This is the signature Nepalese dish - Chicken Sadheko, RM15. Boiled marinated chicken mixed with carrot onion, cucumber, chilli, lemon juice with Himalayan style spices. This is a cold dish just like Thai chicken feet salad. I like the overall seasoning, a little spicy and sour; but it will be great if the chicken can be softer. You should also try this, please ask for less spicy if you are not so brave. LOL. 😅

Besides traditional Nepalese cuisine, we also tried one Western cuisine, the signature Aglio Olio Pasta, RM15. An all time favorite for pasta lovers! Served with chicken ham and extra virgin olive oil, added a little chilli flakes.Well, you may think that Aglio Olio is an ordinary dish. Yes, it is. But is never easy to prepare a tasty aglio olio because some might taste just too oily. You will know if the restaurant is not using a quality olive oil to make this dish. So no worries, Gusta Cafe is definitely using a good quality extra virgin olive oil to make their Aglio Olio pasta. The spaghetti is very springy and not overcook. 

Okay, needless to recommend more, this is their Nepalese signature Masala Milk tea, RM5; same like the one served in Momo King. The spices displayed on the plate are 'cardamom', the main spices used in Masala tea. First timers to Nepalese cuisine should really try this one.

They also served coffee where I ordered a Hot Latte, RM8.50; tasted very rich and it has a little sour note. 

Gusta Cafe also served the signature Momos that give you convenience to have Momo King dishes here in Gusta Cafe. 

It has been a wonderful journey exploring the taste of Himalayas. In fact, I am surprised with the local dishes I have tried, it truly gave my palette a whole new experience.

If you, too wanna have a new taste bud excitement, drop by Gusta Cafe now. Few promotions are going on in Gusta Cafe, including Breakfast Value Set from 8am to 11.30am and Lunch Set Free 1 drink & Soup of the Day from 11.30am to 3pm, priced from RM9.90 to RM22.90.  Special of the Day also available and basically change every 2 days so that you get to try different special dishes.

 If you are worry about traffic jam or even stuck in a lunch meeting, Gusta Cafe is providing delivery services as well. You can order Gusta Cafe dishes through Food Panda and Off-Peak. Do check out Groupon too for some special deal! 

Address: B2-3-3A Soho Suites @ KLCC, 20 Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-2181 1105
Operation hours: 8am - 10pm

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