Early Christmas with Summer Délice at RGB Coffee

December is definitely a perfect month for reflection and celebration! Reflection on what you have done over the 11 months so that you can rectify; and celebration for something you have done pretty well so that you can reinforce yourself to do better in next year. Besides these, I love December because is a month where I can hang out with my friends for some gossiping moments and not to forget, gift exchange fun!!! 🎁

Well, talk about gift exchange. This is not an easy job because you might 1) bought something unpractical; 2) bought something that is not unisex and people who got yours cannot use the thing; 3) typical bore things just like Christmas log cake or Ginger Breadman.

This time, I got a little smarter. 😊 I got something special, suitable for both men and women, and most importantly, HEALTHY & YUMMILICIOUS

Homemade Macadamia Tarts from Summer Délice! 

Once you pull out the slide cover, a cute design that makes people smile a little. The three little girls definitely look like me and my BFF. LOL. 

Okay, one of the reasons I like December is also because of the Christmas decoration you can see in malls and cafes! The Christmas tree & Santa Claus at RGB Coffee made a perfect background for Christmas gift that I prepared. :) 

There are two main flavors. One is the original Macadamia Tart while the other one is Orange Macadamia Tart. Buy both boxes so that you can mix and match before you gave it to your friends. Smart right? Hehe~ 😄 

Best served with coffee or tea! 🍵

On the left is Orange Macadamia Tart and on the right is the original Macadamia tart. I will suggest you eat the original one before you try the orange one. 

Using the 'King of Nuts' - Macadamia from Australia, not only because of its textures and taste, but also because macadamia is good to reduce cholesterol level, promotes brain health, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer. You can find out 17 amazing health benefits of macadamia nuts here. Summer Délice promotes healthy food, hence expect no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. The maple syrup is homemade with less sweet formula too.Summer Délice macadamia tarts are suitable as an tea time snacks, or just have it anytime you like. Most importantly, the individual packaging allows you to share with your friends & family, even strangers! I just did and shared with the staff at RGB Coffee here. 😊

I personally like the Orange Macadamia Tart because I think is more refreshing. The fragrance of orange brings out another sensation on top of the macadamia itself. 

But my friend prefer the original Macadamia Tart because she prefers the creaminess of the macadamia nuts and love the isolate taste of the nuts itself. 

Each of the macadamia tarts have two packaging, either 12 pieces per gift box or 6 pieces per gift box, priced at RM45 and RM23 respectively.

Macadamia lovers, I think you shall wait no more. Summer Délice is having a Christmas Promotion now, where you can enjoy Buy 5 Free 1 (6 pieces gift box) or Buy 10 Free 1 (12 pieces gift box). Don't worry about your busy schedule because delivery service is available that makes your life easier to send a lovely gift to your loved one during this festive season.👏

 Get in touch and you can order Summer Délice Macadamia Tarts via Facebook page or text message to the mobile contact as per below.

Summer Délice
Mobile: +6016 886 5799 (SMS, WhatsApp, wechat)

I am glad that my friends love the Christmas gift that I prepared and thank you RGB for such lovely atmosphere! We enjoyed our moments there! 💖

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