Japan - d47 Shokudo

This shall be my last post on my Japan trip. I know it has been quite some time. I truly apologise as my busy schedule made me outstation a lot and I used most of my free time to rest and workout. You can follow my Instagram @princessmiharu for most immediate updates. :)

Last meal in Japan was a wonderful one, with the combination of yummy food and beautiful scenery of Shibuya. We went to D47 Shokudo in Hikarie, located on the 8th floor.

D47 represented 47 unique regions with long, locally rooted histories in Japan. Hence, you can expect a set menu related to 47 prefectures in Japan. 47 culinary cultures under one roof, don't you feel excited and wish you have a larger stomach to fill in more food?

We were served with a cup of hot tea and some vegetable pickles while waiting for our food.

Japanese Thick Omlet, 460 yen using eggs from Toyama, so this is definitely a Toyama dish. A simple dish but simply yummylicious!! 

My Nagasaki meal - Deep fried mackerel, served with homemade tartar sauce and raw vegetables, plus some pickles and soup, 1550 yen. One powerful thing about Japan is that, those deep fried food are never too oily. I wonder how they made it. Seriously crispy at the outer layer and tender juicy inside. You won't feel too greasy even finish the whole dish.  

His Tokyo dish - 'Bekko bowl' pickled sashimi in capsicum frutescens and soy sauce on rice, served with an Angelica keiskei dressed with sesame sauce, a deep fried minced flying fish and vegetables miso soup of Shima laver, 1650 yen. You will never, or seldom get sashimi that is not fresh in Japan. Raw fish is always so nice and don't taste fishy. Yummy.

My Shizuoka  Tezumi-sencha 'Kunpu', 620 yen and Toyama dessert, a custard pudding topped with egg yolk cream, 570 yen. The egg of this pudding is from 'Sei-aguri' healthy egg which was born from healthy parent bird. Basically I don't really bother who are the healthy parent bird, maybe they call a chicken as bird?! I don't know. But the fact is, this dessert is so insanely delicious! One is not enough! 

My man's Musica Tea from Hyogo, 550 yen. This is basically a hot darjeeling tea from 'Musica', which is a famous tea shop in Kobe, even introduced in 'D Design Travel Book of Osaka'.

My little Panda is enjoyed the incredible view while my man sipping his tea. 

Me & my little Panda were happy & satisfied with the awesome meal! 

Don't leave Japan without trying more of their local food!! I am so gonna miss their food! In fact, every time when i go to our Japanese restaurants in Malaysia, I no longer feel excited because the food is incomparable!! 

Address: 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku (Inside Hikarie, 8th floor)
Business Hours: 11.00 am to 11.00pm

My Japan trip was a truly fruitful one, not only the shopping loots i got, but also my round stomach filled with good food, and most importantly - memories. I know many of you are worrying about the effect of radioactive, but I believe God has His arrangement for you. If you are destined to die, you will just go like that. If I am to leave the world tomorrow, at least I have been to Japan and there is no regrets. Live life to the fullest, YOLO, right? ;) 



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