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Japan - d47 Shokudo

This shall be my last post on my Japan trip. I know it has been quite some time. I truly apologise as my busy schedule made me outstation a lot and I used most of my free time to rest and workout. You can follow my Instagram @princessmiharu for most immediate updates. :) Last meal in Japan was a wonderful one, with the combination of yummy food and beautiful scenery of Shibuya. We went to D47 Shokudo in Hikarie, located on the 8th floor. D47 represented 47 unique regions with long, locally rooted histories in Japan. Hence, you can expect a set menu related to 47 prefectures in Japan. 47 culinary cultures under one roof, don't you feel excited and wish you have a larger stomach to fill in more food? #1 We were served with a cup of hot tea and some vegetable pickles while waiting for our food. #2 Japanese Thick Omlet, 460 yen using eggs from Toyama, so this is definitely a Toyama dish. A simple dish but simply yummylicious!!  #3 My Nagasaki meal - Deep f