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Japan - A day at Harajuku

Harajuku is similar to Shibuya, a place where trendsetter gather. Visit Laforet Harajuku for various fashion brands, which many locally designed, expensive thou.

#1 Tokyu Plaza is opposite to Laforet, is a must visit location, for its rooftop garden, and of course, shopping paradise.
#2 I went straight to its 6th floor for the well known rooftop terrace that overview the Harajuku scenery.
#3 Interesting design right? Best spot for gathering under the windy and cooling weather. 
#4 Harajuku street view.
#5 Both tired face as we didn't sleep the night before, just for the sake of visiting Tsukiji Fish Market for its tuna auction. 
#6 I would come here, bring my fitness book, cooking book, or even laptop; and spend the whole afternoon here. 
#7 My man spotted his favorite Head Porter store. Yeah, wallet damaged here. Hahahha. XD
Do not forget to stroll around Takeshita Street for snacks, lolita clothing, funny & strange things. 
#8 Please visit Calbee Plus Store for various flavo…

Japan - Re:Nature Organic Cafe

I always love organic food because the cooking method and choices of ingredients made me feel healthy.

After the Brown Rice by Neal's Yard Remedies, here is another organic cafe that we managed to try it out at Harajuku.

#1 You have to walk through a spiral staircase to go up to the cafe.
#2 Very zakka feel signage.
#3 Yes, you can enjoy your day at the roof top area, looking at the busy Harajuku street. Seriously, YOLO. 
#4 The entrance.
#5 The simple blackboard menu.
#6 My meal - Brown rice with stewed radish, salad, side dishes & soup, 1000 yen. Always love radish and such a big and round radish, oh my! Love it! 
#7 Here is behind the scene of a nice flatlay food photo. Haha. You have to stand tall, and taller, and tallest to get the best angle. XD
#8 Our dessert - cake with tea, 600 yen. I seriously can't recall what flavor is this cake. But it was a special taste and we sort of love it.
#9 Cups with statements! :)
If talk about the food quality, i will say Brown Rice…