Japan - Teyandei omo-ya

One of the must-do-list when travelling to Japan, is definitely enjoy your night at the Izakaya. You could easily find Izakaya in Japan but it will be greater if you have someone who can bring you to those hidden Izakaya that serves truly good food. Thanks to baby's friend, we went to our first (and also the last due to time constraint) Izakaya in Japan.

The beverages are mixture of alcohol with grapefruit (on the left) and Oolong tea (on the right). I prefer the grapefruit one because the sourness of the fruit itself neutralize the alcohol. Oolong tea made the drinks even bitter than it initially is. 

Side dishes for us before our main dishes are served. The bean sprouts are not as juicy as the one we had in Shibuya Gyouza, but the taste was okay. 

Japanese style salad - mixture of dried seaweed, cabbage shredders and baby anchovies. No dressing but instead of tasted too dry, it actually tasted crispy. 

Sashimi with fish roe. This is insanely good. The saltiness of fish roe became the best seasoning for the sashimi. 

Fried yam served with cabbage leaves and mayonnaise tuna. This is awesome too! Yam is never my favourite but this is too good! 

Teppanyaki grilled chicken. This is least favorable among all but still acceptable. 

Spicy noodle, just to satisfy my craving for spiciness. The noodle is those Korean tasteless transparent noodle which balance out the strong taste of the soup. Quite good but my man and his friend had some difficulty to finish up this dish. Haha. 

After meal, we were served three big and red strawberries as dessert. 

Thanks to Mr. Koichi, we got to try out this hidden Izakaya! 

If you are interested to try out, do make a reservation first as the space is limited and always full house! 

Teyandei omo-ya
Address: 106-0031, 2-20-1, Nichi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03 - 3407 8127
Website: www.teyandei.com

We got us ice cream as supper! Haha~ I love my Royce Chocolate green tea ice cream! Having ice cream under such freezing weather was so much fun!!! :D 



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