Japan - Mocha cat cafe with a glimpse of Tsukiji Fish Market

Been heard about the giant tuna fish auction at Tsukiji Fish Market and I told my man, I wanted to see the auction so much! And can you believe, we did not sleep at all and started to get ready at 3am, hoping we could reach there on time for the auction.

Too bad we were too late as we reached about 6.30am. We are supposed to be there at 4am to get a queue number in order to enter the auction area. By 5am they have started their auction, and that's it, no more second round.

Opposite the Tsukiji Market.

There was a group of Caucasian elderly moving towards Tsukiji Market. Hey uncles & aunties, we are too late! :(

There are many shops selling Tsukiji specialty. 



The sun in Japan was very hardworking. Shine bright and hot at 7am. 

I was astonished by these carriers specially used in Tsukiji market. And do be very cautious, they won't avoid you and might bang into you anytime. So stay alert and avoid them before you hurt or die under their wheels. LOL.

Okay, do please MUST visit this restaurant for the super yummylicious sashimi and sushi! Too bad we are not allowed to take photos inside the restaurant. What I can say is that you will never like our local sashimi or sushi once you have try out theirs in Tsukiji Market. The sashimi is so fresh, cut finely and served thick (double the size of our local sashimi, some is triple the size). Even their Tamago, holy cow, is so thick okay! Don't be surprise if you can't see the rice when they serve your sushi. The rice is like 1/3 of the sashimi on top. The real sushi don't just feed you rice, but the fresh sashimi on top! What you pay is what you get, this is all I can say. NEVER MISS THIS OUT! 

Since we done with Tsukiji Market about 10am, we depart to Harajuku. My man brought me to visit my relatives. LOL. 

Meow meow cafe!! 

The interior is designed in a way that cats will love it and convenience for them to play around while customers get to interact with those cats.

Aww~~ so fluffy le~~

Balancing super good.

Okay, tell me you have melted when saw this photo, because I did, and I do, everytime I look at this photo! 

A short video to capture the live moment of their feeding time. Enjoy the fluffy kids here! :) You are welcome. :D

My favorite cat among all! 

Look at its paws~~~ round and cute!!!! <3 <3 <3 

Even drinking water is so bergaya la~ 

Every 10 minutes spent here cost 200 yen (excluding tax). Trust me, without realizing it, you could easily spend 30 minutes here when so many fluffy kids around you. A good place to distress and sneak away from the busy street and life. We should have one in Malaysia, kan? 

Cat lovers, scroll below for the address and contact number. I also put down the address for the yummylicious sushi restaurant in Tsukiji market, just in case you wanna have a try there. But please, must try. LOL. No regrets. Imagine all Omega-3 flowing in your body. You will love it. 

Sushi Bun 鮨文
Address: Tsukiji Market Part8 Bldg. 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3541 3860
Business hour: Closed on Sun

Mocha Cat Cafe
Address: 1-14-25 Jingumae | 4F Cross AvenueHarajuku, Shibuya 150-0001Tokyo 
Phone: 03 - 6447 2665
Business hour: 10am - 8pm (last entrance at 7.30pm)



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