Japan - A day at Asakusa

Few days spent at those urban area with trendy fashions and commercial items, we have decided to visit Asakusa for Japanese traditional culture and food. It is not easy to find those local snacks which I wish I could hunt them in Asakusa. Goal set!

Morning boost from Mini Stop near our Airbnb.

The main attraction in Asakusa should be the temple with giant tanglung - Kaminarimon Gate

A must take photo for tourists when you are at Kaminarimon Gate.


I was so excited to explore rows of shops with traditional items and food that you won't see in Shibuya nor Omotesando. 



Cold green tea with sticky ball, sold by a group of pretty ladies in Yukata. :D

I supposed this sticky ball is made of yam with some glutinous rice. I am not sure. But what I can certain is that they tasted awesome!! Basically the first Japanese local snacks that I had over the trip. 

Grilled rice cake. Very yummy and crispy. I was wondering how on earth they can grill rice cake into such a yummylicious extend? 

Okay guys, the main point is the green thingy on my hand, not the handsome angmoh there. =.= This is like a mochi stuffed with red bean paste. I don't really fancy this thou. So yeah, you may now shift your attention to the angmoh. LOL.

Those traditional rice crackers in assorted flavors. Didn't manage to try one because I was too full. 

Spotted Tokyo Skytree at the intersection of those rows of shops.


Couple shot of the day! Every photos that we took in Japan were awesomely macho and pretty! I guess the sunlight and the streets did their parts! LOL! XD



Tossed in 100 yen and draw your fortune!

I got no.43.

If you got a bad fortune, fear not. Just tie your bad fortune Omikuji sheet on this rack. I was pretty lucky as I got a good fortune. :) 

Passed by this very traditional Japanese restaurant. I like the Zen atmosphere and design. 

Enjoyed a cup of Hot Japanese Green Tea under the cold weather is truly a blessing! Small gift big happiness, just like Sanrio's tagline! Hehe~

My man has been looking for this - Takoyaki. We ordered this Takoyaki with medium spicy sauce, apparently the most popular one for this store. 

Hey man, can you be faster? I need to eat them RIGHT NOW! 

If you are as glutton as us, and craving for local snacks, you should really visit Asakusa. Here offered you a completely different experiences in terms of architectures, food, and even pretty ladies (they are less covered up with make up compare to those in Shibuya :p). 

Do share with me if you have tried any other local snacks there. :) 



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