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Japan - Mocha cat cafe with a glimpse of Tsukiji Fish Market

Been heard about the giant tuna fish auction at Tsukiji Fish Market and I told my man, I wanted to see the auction so much! And can you believe, we did not sleep at all and started to get ready at 3am, hoping we could reach there on time for the auction. Too bad we were too late as we reached about 6.30am. We are supposed to be there at 4am to get a queue number in order to enter the auction area. By 5am they have started their auction, and that's it, no more second round. #1 Opposite the Tsukiji Market. #2 There was a group of Caucasian elderly moving towards Tsukiji Market. Hey uncles & aunties, we are too late! :( #3 There are many shops selling Tsukiji specialty.  #4 #5 #6 The sun in Japan was very hardworking. Shine bright and hot at 7am.  #7 I was astonished by these carriers specially used in Tsukiji market. And do be very cautious, they won't avoid you and might bang into you anytime. So stay alert and avoid them

Japan - Teyandei omo-ya

One of the must-do-list when travelling to Japan, is definitely enjoy your night at the Izakaya. You could easily find Izakaya in Japan but it will be greater if you have someone who can bring you to those hidden Izakaya that serves truly good food. Thanks to baby's friend, we went to our first (and also the last due to time constraint) Izakaya in Japan. #1 The beverages are mixture of alcohol with grapefruit (on the left) and Oolong tea (on the right). I prefer the grapefruit one because the sourness of the fruit itself neutralize the alcohol. Oolong tea made the drinks even bitter than it initially is.  #2  Side dishes for us before our main dishes are served. The bean sprouts are not as juicy as the one we had in Shibuya Gyouza , but the taste was okay.  #3 Japanese style salad - mixture of dried seaweed, cabbage shredders and baby anchovies. No dressing but instead of tasted too dry, it actually tasted crispy.  #4 Sashimi with fish roe . This is

Japan - A day at Asakusa

Few days spent at those urban area with trendy fashions and commercial items, we have decided to visit Asakusa for Japanese traditional culture and food. It is not easy to find those local snacks which I wish I could hunt them in Asakusa. Goal set! #1 Morning boost from Mini Stop near our Airbnb. The main attraction in Asakusa should be the temple with giant tanglung - Kaminarimon Gate .  #2 A must take photo for tourists when you are at Kaminarimon Gate. #3 #4 I was so excited to explore rows of shops with traditional items and food that you won't see in Shibuya nor Omotesando.  #5 #6 #7 Cold green tea with sticky ball, sold by a group of pretty ladies in Yukata. :D #8 I supposed this sticky ball is made of yam with some glutinous rice. I am not sure. But what I can certain is that they tasted awesome!! Basically the first Japanese local snacks that I had over the trip.  #9 Grilled rice cake. Very yummy and crisp