Japan - Tokyo Disneyland

 I supposed Disneyland is a must-visit for most of the girls. When I visited Hong Kong last year, I told my man that I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND. Not because of I hate Disney characters, but I just think that I would rather visit to Hong Kong Ocean Park than Disneyland because of the origin of the particular theme park. 

Disneyland Japan is a different case where I have heard of so many positive comments and I think I should really visit it at least once in my life. My man has scheduled our Disneyland trip on Monday to avoid over crowded during weekends.

I love such morning street snap. :)

It was a raining morning and I was so tempted to buy this transparent umbrella because it is just so Japanese!! LOL. 6 out of 10 Japanese are using this type of transparent umbrella! And anyway, we need an umbrella because it was raining okay? 

We are approaching the entrance soon!!! Faster!!

The entrance of Tokyo Disneyland! I just wish we can go in ASAP because it was freaking cold!! 

Before anything (eat or shop or taking photos); people, go in the souvenir shop and grab your head piece first!! 

We got the Mickey and Minnie head piece for 2800 yen each. 

You will be going into World Bazaar once you get in from the main entrance. World Bazaar is literally an early 20th century America small town with shops and restaurants line the Victorian style streets. 






The photog, Minnie in action! LOL.

Hi Mr.Walt, what's the conversation? Can I join in? 

I sort of love such couple shot. Good for couple's OOTD shoot too. :D

Musical performance at the World Bazaar.

How can the window display be so attractive as well?? *screaming*

We were starving when we reached Disneyland.  Initially we wanted to go to Center Street Coffeehouse but it was super long queue. So we went to Restauant Hokusai instead. The queue was not that bad, from the outer look of the restaurant. Who knows we have to gone through different 'stages' of waiting areas in order to get a table. Indeed a 'gotcha'! 

His set meal - Crispy pork cutlet with side salad, rice and soup, 1830 yen. His meal was pretty good, the deep fried pork cutlet is not oily at all. 

My set meal - Udon in clear soup with rice cake, eggs, side dish, and a small bowl of rice, 1630 yen. My udon was average, I prefer the rice topped with baby anchovy (sorry I didn't take any photo of my rice, too hungry to finish off, LOL). 

Carrot in Mickey Mouse shape! I must do some Hello Kitty shape carrot! LOL.

After the meal, we started to explore Disneyland!

I was purchasing the souvenir medallions from this vintage look machines, where you will have you favorite Disney character design embossed on a copper medallion, only cost 100 yen each.

Look at how the mannequins moved, she looked real! My card said that 'When you pull a card and draw a heart, you and your beloved will never part'. But apparently there are super long Japanese wordings at the bottom, I wonder how they summarized into two sentences.=.="  Who can read Japanese and be kind to translate for me? *kitten eyes* 

After spending too much time at World Bazaar (also because we wanna keep ourselves warm indoor, LOL), we went to Tomorrowland that let you fly into imagination, action and adventure in the space age world of tomorrow.

We were queueing for the Monster Inc. Ride & Go Seek, for almost an hour. It was a super fun and a little childish game thou. LOL. Basically we boarded a tram, hold the torch light attached to the tram, and search for funny monsters that hidden at the surroundings. 

Kid you not, it was raining and people never stop queueing for the attractions they like! 

My feet was tiring and in need to warm myself up!! We went to Plaza Restaurant for some light refreshment. 

Hot coffee, hot green tea, Monster Inc. red bean dessert and Mickey chocolate cake.  

The rain never stop from morning till evening! The Disney castle looked so amazing in the evening with the lights on!

Princess loves merry-go-round!! 

Too cold and we had to buy the face mask to cover our nose and lips to avoid cracking and dryness. A combo of Mickey with Winnie the Pooh, and Minnie with Marie cat. LOL.

Finally the most awaiting Electrical Parade Dreamlights!! Hi to Mickey and Minnie!! Due to raining, the parade was cut short to only few carts, those performers who are on their feet all cancelled. The renowned Disneyland Fireworks was cancelled too!!! :((( 

Despite a little disappointment, life still needs to moving on, and we still need to eat. LOL. The main point was, we were hungry. No, I mean I was hungry. He wasn't that hungry initially. Hahaha. I suggested we have our dinner at Eastside Cafe, a Victoria style cafe with Western full course. 

This looks like a date for Mickey and Minnie. Hahaha. The bagels served before meal were so yum that I ended up had 3 bagels on my own. =.=

My man ordered a Special Course featuring Anna & Elsa's Frozen Fantasy 2016, 2570 yen while I ordered a Pasta Course, 2040 yen. 

His appetizer - Cream of Cannellini Bean soup with Scallop and Vegetables. Very creamy and the scallops are fresh and sweet.  

My appetizer - Chicken and Mushroom with Balsamic Sauce. A little bit of sour taste that open up your appetite for your main course. 

His main - Spaghettini with Prosciutto, Pork and Cream Sauce. Super yum, butter-taste spaghetti, plus the prosciutto, marvellous! 

My main - Rigatoni with Shrimp, Red-bell Pepper Sauce. A little bit of spiciness, not greasy even when I finished the whole plate. Personally I prefer mine over my man's spaghetti, except the prosciutto. LOL. 

His dessert - White Chocolate Mousse Cake. I found this little too sweet for me but is still a nice piece of dessert. 

My dessert - Italian Chocolate Pudding. Not too sweet, a little dark chocolate taste, suits me pretty much. Love it!

This pictures just wanna show off a little of my manicure design while my man found my eyelashes pretty attractive too! Haha!.

We gone crazy by the cold weather!!

One more couple shot before we left!

No kidding! The super strong wind at Disneyland broke my umbrella!!!

That day was super cold with low temperature, rains from morning till night and strong wind. I have to keep myself warm by standing underneath of the heater. 

Someone like me, who are never a big fan of Disney characters, literally fall in love with Disneyland too! All the things, from decorations to merchandise, from attractions to food; are so well planned and designed in details. You will eventually spent a lot on their merchandise, LOL. 

Do mark Tokyo Disneyland as one of your destinations if you are going to Tokyo. I promise, you won't regret. Have fun! ;) 



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