Japan - Sanrio Puroland

What can be more excited than celebrated my birthday at Sanrio Puroland this year?! Always my dream to be at Sanrio Puroland ever since I was 17 years old, and finally my man made my dream comes true for my 28th birthday! A big kiss to my man! xoxo

I love the artsy bottle. :)

Before I share my fond memories at Sanrio Puroland, I must share this story with you guys. My man was the one that researched and checked which subway we should take, in order to reach Sanrio Puroland. Apparently there were these two stations that looked so similar (coz' we only can recognize some Chinese wordings and not those Japanese wordings), and we went back and forth few stations yet we can't seem to get the right route. I was hoping we can reach Sanrio Puroland faster so that I can do my 'big business' there but such hassles made me cry at the train station because I need to poo so much! And Sanrio Puroland is going to close at 5pm and it was about 1pm already! >_<  My man was shocked and said sorry to me coz' he made me cry on my birthday. 

Seriously, I was super sad that time.

The particular subway station was decorated with Sanrio characters that assured you reached the correct station.

When I was taking picture of this cute sign, suddenly a little boy hug my left leg and apparently he mistook me as his mama. LOL. His mama quickly get him and apologized to me. Ah cute boy! <3

Thank God I found washroom in the mall and I quickly went in to do my business before walking to Sanrio Puroland. Tell me how suffering if you need to poo so much and yet, you can't??! 

Welcome to Sanrio Puroland! 

Due to time constraint, we have to quickly tour around, take photo, queue for attractions, and grab whatever merchandises we could.

First attraction we found was this Silhouette Art.

Here you will see a Sir busy cutting out the silhouette of my side face; while a lady tried to made me focus and not turning around with 'Spot the Difference' mini games. This concentrating trick is working for both kids and adults I supposed. Coz' I enjoyed the mini games. LOL.

Tada! Here you go! 3 minutes and you can have your silhouette next to the Sanrio characters you want, needless to say, I have chosen Hello Kitty. My man said my mouth and hair were crafted out nicely. What do you think? 

Oh yeah, before you started your tour, remember to buy the hair accessories at the Entrance shop. I got the Kitty's ears with ribbon headpiece, and also the Kitty face pouch to hang in front of your chest. You can put coins and subway card. The pouch is so fluffy and looked like burger!! I feel like bite lightly on it! LOL! XD

We were queueing to visit Lady Kitty House.

The doors are opened!!!

Have a sit at the pinky chair while waiting another door to open.  

Hello Kitty can play piano, but I can't. LOL. 

Oh my gosh! So many Tiny Chums stitched on the sofa and I felt a little scare to sit on them!  

Is this some show behind the doors?

Such a big Tiny Chum (or Giant Chum) sliding out!

Haha! I was shocked and excited!

Oh bear, you are so huge and dirty! LOL. 

Maybe I should learn some tea art from Kitty chan.

Okay, I was asked to take water first. XD

Is this a statue of guardian for Hello Kitty? 

Hello Kitty's wardrobe! See how I look like when I put on the same clothes just like Kitty chan!


Hehe~ Do I look pretty in Kitty chan's outfit? :)

Kitty chan loves make up too! 

Kitty chan loves to shower. 

Shower in tea cup?? Oh I am drowning~~~ 

Kitty chan's bed with camera and TV on top. That's why I was laying flat to see myself in the TV. Haha.

If I can sleep with all desserts too!

I bought a flower for Kitty chan! Gonna pass to her when I see her later!

Queueing to meet Kitty chan! Can't wait! I am so excited!!! 

Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! She is welcoming me over!! Too bad we can't use our camera to snap a photo here. You can only purchase a photo once you left this Lady Kitty House.

Is this my pumpkin carriage? Haha! My man, I need this for our big day! *wink*

My man was laughing at the Cinnamoroll and said how on earth they managed to find someone who is so short for this mascot! LOLOLOL! Terrible man!

PomPom Purin is a little too skinny on his tummy. 

The most awaited moment before Sanrio Puroland close at 5pm. Everyone gathered at the Wisdom Tree for a magical Happiness show. Remember to buy this exclusive heart shaped torch that will change the lights during the show. 

I gone a little crazy when both Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty walked out~ lol~ 

Aww~~ They are so loving~~ <3 <3 <3

Some footage of the Happiness show to share with you all! :)

The light will change to the same color as the ribbons and lightings on the tree! So amazing right!

My man and his woman. XD

Happy girl after the Happiness show.

The foyer.



There is this Food Machine Restaurant. I supposed our food are prepared and served by machine? LOL. I don't know. We were too late to try out. 


I hope I could have my wedding hand bouquet in Hello Kitty face design. 

Cute staffs selling balloons~ 

My man was doing the Tax Refund for all my Hello Kitty merchandises. Teehee~~

Happy girl with a full big bag of Hello Kitty loots!!!! ^_^

Even the bottle design for the wheat tea is so cute!!!! 

All my sadness and frustrations in the morning diminished after I stepped into Sanrio Puroland. I can't believe I really made it to Sanrio Puroland after dreamed for so long! 

Came out from the washroom and found my Panda holding a card attention to me. 

Because the birthday card is too cute not to video record it, so I recorded. LOL. 

Aww~~ Such a cute birthday card right? My man bought it in Sanrio Puroland for me! 


All my shopping loots from Sanrio Puroland!

I had an unforgettable birthday at Sanrio Puroland. To be exact, the whole Japan trip made my 28th birthday a memorable one. Really thankful to my man for made it happen. Muaks muaks!! *big panda hugs*

Oh yeah, some people are interested to know where I got my outfit from. I purposely got this birthday suit to visit Sanrio Puroland. Hahaha. Here you go:

White long sleeves top: Mixxo
Nude pink overall dress: Mixxo
Jacket: Winter Time
Scarf: Winter Time
Sneakers: New Balance
Hello Kitty white socks: Doll Kiss 
Sling bag: Saime



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