Japan - Ichiran Ramen

The first meal I had in Shibuya, except the night before where we had cup noodles at Mini Stop, was incredibly good. I guess I can never find the same taste back in Malaysia. If you did not eat ramen, then you have not really visited Japan, or to say, miss out one of most renowned Japanese food.  

It was quite a long queue where the restaurant is basically located at basement and people started queueing till the upper ground. 

Get ready your notes or coins to purchase the meal tickets. This sounds really new for me and I was a little nervous that I will used long time to function this thing. LOL.

Fear not, the restaurant has prepared a guideline for us - the tourists in different languages. Usually those famous and tourist attraction will have English menu.

You can also purchase Ichiran take home products for your own cooking pleasure at home.

The board with LED light to indicate which cubicles are empty. The staffs will ask you whether you are okay to sit separately with your friends or you prefer to sit next to each other when they are allocating the cubicles. Be ready to let other patrons go in and eat first if they don't mind to sit separately when there are empty cubicles. No complains of cutting queue please. 

You will be given a paper to circle your preference on the ramen requirements. So the ramen is basically a 'customized' ramen based on what you want. I love it!! (secretly circle 'Regular' for the Original Red Sauce whereby the recommended portion is 'Half' for first timers) :p

My no.18 cubicle! You will see the tummy and a pair of hands from the tiny window, who is basically the person who is going to serve you your order. They will greet you first (they spoke in Japanese and I have no idea what they said so I supposed they have to greet us first?? ) and then serve the food through the tiny window. Once the food is served, they will shut the window with bamboo curtain.

Panda sitting in my bag and hang on the wall. Hahaha. :p

The restaurant is very small and narrow. Just sit still and eat your ramen, no extra space for any other movement. LOL. Most of the restaurants have prepared hangers, rack or cabinet for your winter coats, bags and shopping bag storage, So considerate huh!

I don't know why I looked so huge next to other patrons. FYI, I knocked my knees because the leg rooms are so small for me and I have to sit with my legs widely open. =.= I know, not too pleasure looking but what can I do? Ish. 

Tada! The Ichiran-Valerie-style-ramen! The pork based broth is very concentrated with chewy ramen, spicy red sauce and juicy pork slice. I have add on the Ajitsuke Tamago which served with sea salt. End your meal with the Ichiran Shikaibicha that will refresh your mouth with cooling effect. Such a wonderful and satisfying first meal in Shibuya!!! <3 <3 


Address: Iwamoto Building B1F 1-22-7 Jinnan Sibuya-ku Tokyo-to 150-0041
Phone: 03 - 3463 3667
Business hours: 24 hours (yes, kid you not, you can eat the best ramen at 2pm if you are hungry!)



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