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Japan - Sanrio Puroland

What can be more excited than celebrated my birthday at Sanrio Puroland this year?! Always my dream to be at Sanrio Puroland ever since I was 17 years old, and finally my man made my dream comes true for my 28th birthday! A big kiss to my man! xoxo #1 I love the artsy bottle. :) Before I share my fond memories at Sanrio Puroland, I must share this story with you guys. My man was the one that researched and checked which subway we should take, in order to reach Sanrio Puroland. Apparently there were these two stations that looked so similar (coz' we only can recognize some Chinese wordings and not those Japanese wordings), and we went back and forth few stations yet we can't seem to get the right route. I was hoping we can reach Sanrio Puroland faster so that I can do my 'big business' there but such hassles made me cry at the train station because I need to poo so much! And Sanrio Puroland is going to close at 5pm and it was about 1pm already! >_<  My m