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Japan - A day at Shibuya

For those who have been reading my blog for years, March is always my vacation month (for my birthday celebration!! ^.^) Last year I went to Hong Kong and it was an awesome trip. This year, guess what, my man decided to grant his girl's dream and brought his girl to Japan !!! *still pinching myself whether this is real even thou I am back from the trip* We departed from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Haneda on 12th March and reached there at 10.30pm (GMT+9). Japan is an hour ahead of Malaysia. Instead of taking cab, which could easily cost RM500 at that hour; we took bus to Shibuya, which cost about 1600 yen (approximately RM57) for 2 persons.  The weather was shockingly cold, no, freezing at about 5 Celsius. I wasn't wearing any long johns nor gloves that time. I was only wearing my Winter Time jacket, dragging my luggage, walked and searched about 15 minutes before we found our Airbnb house. The house was small but decent, most importantly, very convenient. We settled our su

Review of Kung Fu Panda 3

My first blog post in 2016 after 3 months of hiatus. The previous months were insanely hectic and I have made a very important decision -- to end my crazy packed working hours and tangled with superior, start my holiday, catch up with many long lost friends, and plan for my future.  My holiday started off with a great Kung Fu Panda 3 media preview morning at GSC, One Utama.   Poster credits to  GSC Cinema . Few trailers for you to watch what are the interesting scenes for this Kung Fu Panda 3 before I share a little about what I thought about this.  I do not want to be a spoiler. Not to reveal too much but I am sure you already know that basically Po found, not literally found, but more to accidentally met his biological father during a dumpling eating session. Po followed his biological father and of course, his adopted father tagged along and go back to their panda secret village. In the secret village, Po learned how to be a real panda and the mea