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Cold Process Natural Soap Making Basic Course with Zen Kaoru

I am a handmade soap user for almost half a year already. The reason why I started to use handmade soap is because i got sensitive skin and easily allergic. And after joined healthcare industry, I learned too much about SLS, paraben, parfum, mineral oil, etc that are harmful to our well being.  However, there are so many homemade soap in the market. Usually I will ask the seller which type suitable for my skin, and if the price is reasonable, I will just buy them. I have been so curious about how we can differentiate which handmade soaps are really natural and not harmful to us. Hence, this is why I attended this Cold Process Natural Soap Making Basic Course by Zen Kaoru .    #1 Course materials are provided in bilingual, English and Chinese. I fall in love with the apron the minute I saw it 😍. LOL. The beige color made it looks really natural, just like unbleached cotton. #2 Some basic utensils needed for soap making later. #3 A wide collection of essenti

MaskSlim - Unmask Your Natural Beauty

With the ever changing lifestyle and pollution surrounding us, it is important for us to take good care of our skin. But there are so many brands in the market, how do we know which one is good for us? My ultimate choice will be products that are made in natural way.  MaskSlim is the world's first daily mask beauty regimen using fruit essence and fruit stem cell ingredients that revitalise your skin and bring out your natural glow. MaskSlim researches and manufactures its own range of products in France, using a formula of 🍊orange stem cells and natural ingredients. MaskSlim products are developed using the latest technologically advanced process to deliver highly beneficial formulations that are proven to deliver multi-functional benefits including anti-oxidants, skin renewing, lightening, purifying, and nourishing.  MaskSlim created a range of natural masks ideal for daily use, requiring only 15 minutes to see a noticeable difference. These products are effective at rep

Gusta Cafe - Taste of Himalayas

Remember the last time I recommended Momo King , the Nepalese cuisine? This time, I have visited Gusta Cafe, a restaurant where it serves Nepalese cuisine plus Western cuisine for a broad menu selections. Different from Momo King which is located in a mall, Gusta Cafe is located at Soho Suites @ KLCC, the centre of the Klang Valley. #1 Once you walk out from the lift, you can find Gusta Cafe on the right hand side. The rolled up bunting made a perfect signage for you to locate them easily.  #2 The open kitchen and beverage counter. #3 Gusta Cafe is just next to the swimming pool. However, this area is only accessible for the residents. They can order food from Gusta Cafe and enjoy them at the open deck. #4 Bright cheerful orange paint with the local Nepalese photos made this place more significantly different from other cafes. I was busy browsing through the menu there when my man took photo of me.  #5 Can you see my glutton face? Yes, I wanna