Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

It is finally here in Malaysia!!! From Hong Kong to Singapore, now Hello Kitty Go Around is finally in Malaysia!!! I have been waiting for this moment to come and thanks to PR agency, I got two free Weekend Tickets. :)

I was holding my tickets printed in A4 papers given by PR agency and went straight to Level 2, the Expo Hall. Then i was told that I need to go to Ground floor to redeem my physical tickets in order to get in. So i went down. Apparently i was told that my type of tickets do not required any redemption at the counter here. =.=

But anyway, took a picture with the tiny Ferris Wheel with no sight of Hello Kitty. :p  

With Mr. Fong.

I went up to Level 2 again and can't wait to talked to Kitty chan on my ticketing experience. :(

So this boy was checking on my tickets printed on A4 papers and before he opened his mouth, I told him, "Don't ask me to go down Ground floor again. I just came back from there and I am not going down again." *with my I-don't-even-bother-to-look-you-in-the-eyes-when-I-said-this-so-just-fking-let-me-in face*

Upon entry, we are offered by the crew to snap a picture with the Hello Kitty sitting on  merry-go-round and we can collect the photo upon exit. 

Note: This was taken secretly because we are not allowed to take own pictures here. Do not be naughty girl like me (but who cares). :p

Welcome to Hello Kitty Memory Garden!

This is our beauty Hello Kitty statue.

Kitty chan, I know you can count. Help me with my Math! 

Wah! Huge stamp set!!! Is really heavy!

Note: We are not allowed to remove the stamp from the box. Do not be naughty girl like me, again. 

If i have this school bag, i will hide myself in there so that mummy can't see me and i no need to go to school. LOL.

Exiting from Hello Kitty Memory Garden.

Hello from the other side~~ 

The cafe was not that impressive, i hoped they put more efforts even in the furniture they used in the cafe.

I am experiencing electrical shock!! >.<

Are you guys ready to depart? 

Where is my bus? *keep waiting*

Are you the postman or the traffic controller? 

NO!! I know I am cute but please don't take me out from the vending machine!!! 

Such a nice flower shop you have here!! 

Oh my Dear Daniel!! I found you!!

No, I don't like the dirty messy Kitty totes with many stamps. :(

If only we can have such cute balloons in real life!! 

Wah! Mimi's toy shop!! So many Origami!!

Let me peep what's showing in Sanrio cinema now!

Now showing Sanrio Park and Hello Kitty in Oz. I only wanna watch Ip Man. :p

The workshop has very low entrance arch. LOL.

Looking at all the beads, I know I will die out of no patience before i can complete the whole piece of art. Kthxbai. 

What a nice and sweet valley~

Purchased 10 vouchers worth RM100.

I am ready to play all the games!!! 

Omg! I managed to Save the Goldfish and is Kitty fish!!! This cutie Kitty fish plush belongs to me!!! :D Am I that lucky??

Purchased a Hello Kitty postcard and stamp to post it out. Nah, of course no. I didn't post it out. LOL.

I wanna be like the Kitty fish, pulup pulup~~

You can really post the postcard if you wanted to. This is a real letter box. *only applicable for this event only

Now we are at Kitty temple.

Make a wish with this coin.

OST: I hope ............................................... 

Toss the coin into the wishes box. Apparently my first attempt was failed and i manged to toss the coin in during my second attempt. 

I was given the wooden plate to write my wishes behind it, and I could hang it at the board there or bring it home. Oh well, of course i bring it home. LOL.

Super adorable Kitty buddha!! 

Thank you Mr. Fong for winning this Hello Kitty baby plush for me. It was his 3rd attempt and i was saying if he cannot get me this, he no needs to go home. Eventually this works and boosted up his energy to fulfill this task! LOL.

Stepping out from the Official Goods Shop, guiltily. :p

All my shopping loots, including a set of 3 Hello Kitty figurines, A4 folders, lanyard, Touch & Go, key chain, 1040 pieces puzzle and my favorite Hello Kitty stamps with a coin. We were given 2 Hello Kitty recycle bags upon all these purchases. 

Very sad to say goodbye to all my Hello Kitty and friends inside. :'(

For those who are going to visit Hello Kitty Go Around!! in Malaysia, please bring more cash if you wanted to play the games. They do not accept credit cards for game vouchers purchase. Each game voucher is RM12.50, but now they have the Combo set, which is 5 vouchers for RM50. For official goods, you are allowed to use credit card. I mean, of course, who would bring RM600 cash there right?  

And, if you remember the photo taken with Hello Kitty merry-go-round in #3, is not free k, my dearies. Please prepare RM58 for purchase of photo with frame. The organizer is very considerate, you are allowed to use credit card for this purchase. I guessed they would know people already spent all their cash buying game vouchers and will have no more cash to spend upon exit.

The overall experience was still pretty good, in terms of the cuteness of the scene. However, the ceiling is a little too low where you might have a bit of difficulty to capture the photos without taking in the sight of the ceiling. 

Hope you enjoy your Hello Kitty Go Around!! Have fun and take loads of photos ya! Trust me, all these photos in this post are just small part of the total photos taken. ^_^ 



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