Hello Kitty Community Meet Up by Shopee Malaysia

As a loyal Hello Kitty fans (duh, obviously), I am always looking forward to meet someone alike, someone who share the same passion as me. In others eyes, we might be abnormal because of the level of likeness and craziness toward Hello Kitty. But when we gather together, others became abnormal in our eyes!!! LOL.

My dear junior in college, Joe has came up with the idea of Hello Kitty community. I am glad that you actually thought of me as part of the program start up. It was my pleasure to be able to assist you in getting my fellow Hello Kitty fans friends to attend the meet up.

The event was held at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe in Sunway Pyramid. This is my second time here and I seriously looking forward to a better service and food quality. Nonetheless, the overall interior design really suitable for such gathering.

Me and Kathleen. It has been long long time since we last met. I am glad that we can still have endless topics. LOL. 

Hello Kitties say hi to all of you!!! I got a little heartache when Joe pinned the badge on my Kitty's chest! >_< LOL

All the crazy Hello Kitty fanatics!! 

Hello Kitty high tea set for 4 pax sharing. The cupcakes remain really dry and hard. But the scones are still acceptable, compare to cupcakes. The food quality still have big rooms for improvement. 

Thanks Sharyn for your Kitty model of the day. haha. 

After the meal, let's see what Shopee Malaysia has to offer. Shopee Malaysia is a mobile marketplace that allows you to buy and sell in less than 30 seconds, anytime and anywhere! It is very easy to sell, all you need to do is just snap a picture of your product, describe your product, set a price, and tada! you are a seller now!  

If you are a buyer and you spot on something you like, feel free to bargain with the seller through Shopee live chat. Price is not definite until you offer your best price and close the great deal with the seller! Virtual market that provides you a real time experience huh! 

If you ever being cheated by some heartless sellers whereby you made the payment and never receive your purchase, no worries, one very unique feature about Shopee Malaysia is the Shopee Guarantee which ensure payment is send to the sellers only after the buyers receive their products. Such safety feature is to protect buyers and enhance our shopping experience in Shopee Malaysia. So thoughtful huh! 

You can check out more information here: https://shopee.com.my/mobile/ . Shopee mobile app can be downloaded at Apple App store and Google Play store. 

If you are a Hello Kitty fans and looking for genuine Hello Kitty products, please visit my friend, Hazel's store in shopee.com.my/placard_a_la_vie. She is also selling her own designed children wear. Show her some support and no worries, she is a good and reputable seller! :)  

I never get bored with this Hello Kitty figurine. :)

From left to right: Sharyn, Angel, me, Kitty chef, Kathleen and Elliana. It was nice to met Sharyn and Angel for the first time; it was nice to met Kathleen and Elliana again! Hehe! :D

Thank you Shopee Malaysia for such an awesome Hello Kitty community meet up! I bet all of us were having fun and in fact, love to have such meet ups more often! 

It is really good to have you girls throughout my Hello Kitty collector journey! Thank you for being so supportive and generous in sharing all the Hello Kitty tips. We shall always keep in touch and hang out more often! Looking forward to see you girls again! 



  1. awww such a wonderful event! I love hello kitty too!

    x NicoleYie.com

    1. Really? I will keep you in mind if next time got such Hello Kitty fans gathering again! :)


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