Merchant's Lane 美真林 @ Jalan Petaling

This was my first cafe experience after i changed my employer. Yes, for those who do not know yet (must be didn't follow my Instagram >.< ), I have left my previous company and move forward to another milestone of my career life. Still adapting to the new environment and culture, shouldn't be any big problem for me. :) 

Talking about this cafe hop, I was pretty exciting when I first found out its existence. I always love vintage and antique design, plus the concept of preserving nature, while able to give a new life to the old building.   

The entrance to Merchant's Lane. They have used an old style mirror signboard which you can find in those very old shops, plus the red-dim-temple-like light. My man is the model of the day. :) 

Very spacious and high ceiling. Instead of full concrete ceiling, they left a column of transparent glass ceiling to allow the natural sun light in. 

Door to exit to the yard.

Nice outdoor seating area with the branches of trees clinging on the wall. 

The yard has full transparent roof top that allows sunlight beam, very ideal for photography. My man took this photo of me and he said i look very pretty when I am focus on doing something. <3 

After the yard, there is another door that leads to another dining area. 

This dining area is decorated with floral paintings and also spiral joysticks for temple. The contrast of the colors made this area very antiquely stylish.  

Let's have a snap while waiting for our meal to be serve. 

Mimi's Handcrafted Tea for 2 pax, RM15. There are three different flavours, my man has chosen this Blooming Flower Tea + Chrysanthemum, which can produces an effect toward a clear vision, refreshment and assist with digestion. Basically is a cooling and refreshing tea for a tired drinker. 

South China Sea, RM24. Poached eggs with grilled salmon fillets, topped with tangy housemade salsa and housemade hash. The portion was pretty good for sharing. The colourful capsicums create a very nice color for this dish, salmon was evenly grilled yet not overcook. One thing I do not really like was the hash. Overall is good thou. 

Our dessert was Hazelnut Nutella cake, RM13. Very rich and sinful, texture was pretty good and fluffy. 

After our meal, we took our tea to the yard and relax on the garden chair while enjoying the night sky on top of our head. 

I always love taking funny photo with my man. But he always wanted to be handsome and can never act silly like me. This time, finally he accommodated to my request! LOL. 

I love my first experience at Merchant's Lane, from environment to food, everything fall in place and my expectation. I will definitely go back. 

Merchant's Lane 美真林
Address: 150, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur. 


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