Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe

 It is very exciting to have some new cafes opening near KL. Peeps, seriously, enough of cafes in PJ. We need more in KL area. Thanks to my darling Gigi's recommendations, indeed a nice three-storey cafe.

The entrance portrayed a very modern, clean and sleek design. 

Upon entry, you will see all sorts of breads, pastries and cakes on the right side of the premise.

On the left side of the premise is a waiting area. This sort of design made me thought of Sekeping Tenggiri and Sekeping Terasek.. Very similar concept. 

Staircase in the middle to go up to level 1 and 2 for dine in area.

A huge oval shape beverage island next to the staircase on level 1.

Dine in area.

My Rose Latte, RM12.50. Good aroma and slight sweet coffee. Good for those who prefer a bit sweet taste without putting in sugar. 

Darling Gigi's Cappuccino, RM9.50. Darling said the cappuccino is very normal, nothing so special about it.

Sookie's Cold Brew coffee with Milk, RM13.90. I don't like it. Coffee is still best in Hario V60 or Siphon. 

My Anchovy Pasta, RM17. Not that impressive. The taste was quite bland despite the color looked really rich with seaweed seasoning.

Darling Gigi's White Sauce Spaghetti, RM17. Darling said this is too bland, compare to mine. Oh well,  then you should know how the pasta here taste like, since both are so bland.

Sookie's Croissant with  Ice  Cream, RM8.90.  Three scoops of ice cream in vanilla, chocolate and coffee  flavor. The croissant is so fluffy and taste very yum with the ice cream! Recommended!

I and Darling shared this after meal dessert -  Waffle, RM9.90. It serves with chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, blue berries jam and cream.  I would say croissant is still a better choice.

 Darling Jia Jia & Darling Gigi. Such a lucky girl I am to have two pretty darlings by my side!! :)

Jia Jia, me, Gigi & Sookie yaya. 

 Apparently all the other three women said don't want to be the front one to hold camera, because their faces will look very big. So i have to hold the camera. But hey, my face already very big compare to you girls lo! Some more want me to be the front line! Celaka sial. :(

Darling Gigi showed off her tattoo on her spine!

 Darling Jia Jia showed off her tattoo on the back! Ish! Both darlings showed off their tattoos! When is my turn to have tattoo??? My man, when you wanna approve my application to have tattoo? Kept applied and rejected. :'( 

I enjoyed our girls hangout so much! Please make sure we have another one as soon as possible!! 

Oh, remember to try out Le Pont for their desserts! :) 

Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe
Address: 6, Jalan 1/137C, Bedford Business Park, 58000 Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone: 03 - 7783 0900
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LePontBoulangerie



  1. great shots! all looking good! :D


    1. Thanks Nick! Have you visit the cafe yet? :)


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