Brycg at Greenhouse by Muir

The seventh day on lunar seventh month is our Chinese Valentine's day. Despite very busy schedule and heavy workload, my man and I managed to celebrate such occasion at Brycg - another eatery within Greenhouse by Muir.

The reception with a model wannabe posed at there.

I have no idea where this staircase leads to. Hopefully is another eatery opening soon up there.


The steel and square box structure made me feel like dining in a train cubicle. 

Some 'pattern liao liao' people try to act in my picture.

The bar counter.

We were served Beignet upon seated. According to the waiter, Beignet is a New Orleans pastry serve as appetizer before meal. I was kinda nervous when I tried my first bite as I am not sure what is inside. And guess what? Inside is EMPTY!! LOL. It tasted like the donut with sugar icing. 

Clam Chowder, RM16.96. Clam and sweet corn in a creamy clam stock, finished with some spring onions and olive oil. The soup was very fresh with the taste of clam, very extraordinary taste compare to those usual mushroom soup or oxtail soup. 

Fish Tacos, RM30.74. Warm and soft 5 inch Tortillas with marinated red snapper, served with pita bread, mayonnaise, shredded vegetable, tomatoes dices and Parmesan cheese. 

Look at how creative chef I am!! I think I did quite a decent job in DIY my own wrap!!

Bread Pudding with Ice Cream, RM19.08. Warm bread budding served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, finished with caramelised Guinness sauce.

All I want was to dig into the bread pudding, NOW! Are you done taking picture?? The texture of the bread pudding is from crispy to soft, warm and cold when you eat together with the ice cream. I would say, I still prefer chocolate lava cake. This is good thou.

Happy Chinese Valentine's day! 

I personally think that Brycg (pronounce as 'Bridge') is a place suitable for any occasions. With its environment, its food quality, and also affordable price, I will definitely put this under my checklist whenever I wanna celebrate for Valentine's or X'mas. 

Address: 1, Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur. 


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