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Review of GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment

Due to recent changed of job and also increased of workload, I have quite a terrible breakout. No time to go for facial, I decided to get myself a mask to apply at home. #1 Winner of Insiders' Beauty Award - Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment. Let's do the unboxing. #2 Upon taking out the cover, Glamglow welcomed consumers with a wonderful description.  #3 A simple introduction of the product is given in a pamphlet.  #4 Tada! A tiny jar of supermud mask is being discovered in the big box! LOL. Not meant to be sarcastic, but the packaging is so big that I never expect such a cute tiny jar.  #5 The jar is designed in a very clean white color base and coated with silver chrome color wordings. Glamglow Supermud Chearing treatment is formulated to fight all common skin concern, such as breakouts, discolorization, white and black heads, razor bumps and ingrown hair. Few important ingredients included: 1. Acnecidic-6 4.4% - A p

Brycg at Greenhouse by Muir

The seventh day on lunar seventh month is our Chinese Valentine's day. Despite very busy schedule and heavy workload, my man and I managed to celebrate such occasion at Brycg - another eatery within Greenhouse by Muir . #1 The reception with a model wannabe posed at there. #2 I have no idea where this staircase leads to. Hopefully is another eatery opening soon up there. #3 #4 The steel and square box structure made me feel like dining in a train cubicle.  #5 Some 'pattern liao liao' people try to act in my picture. #6 The bar counter. #7 We were served Beignet upon seated. According to the waiter, Beignet is a New Orleans pastry serve as appetizer before meal. I was kinda nervous when I tried my first bite as I am not sure what is inside. And guess what? Inside is EMPTY!! LOL. It tasted like the donut with sugar icing.  #8 Clam Chowder, RM16.96 . Clam and sweet corn in a creamy clam stock, finished with some sp

Le Pont Boulangerie et Cafe

 It is very exciting to have some new cafes opening near KL. Peeps, seriously, enough of cafes in PJ. We need more in KL area. Thanks to my darling Gigi's recommendations, indeed a nice three-storey cafe. #1   The entrance portrayed a very modern, clean and sleek design.  #2 Upon entry, you will see all sorts of breads, pastries and cakes on the right side of the premise. #3 On the left side of the premise is a waiting area. This sort of design made me thought of Sekeping Tenggiri and Sekeping Terasek .. Very similar concept.  #4   Staircase in the middle to go up to level 1 and 2 for dine in area. #5 A huge oval shape beverage island next to the staircase on level 1. #6 Dine in area. #7 My Rose Latte, RM12.50 . Good aroma and slight sweet coffee. Good for those who prefer a bit sweet taste without putting in sugar.  #8 Darling Gigi's Cappuccino, RM9.50 . Darling said the cappuccino is very n

Merchant's Lane 美真林 @ Jalan Petaling

This was my first cafe experience after i changed my employer. Yes, for those who do not know yet (must be didn't follow my Instagram >.< ), I have left my previous company and move forward to another milestone of my career life. Still adapting to the new environment and culture, shouldn't be any big problem for me. :)  Talking about this cafe hop, I was pretty exciting when I first found out its existence. I always love vintage and antique design, plus the concept of preserving nature, while able to give a new life to the old building.    #1 The entrance to Merchant's Lane. They have used an old style mirror signboard which you can find in those very old shops, plus the red-dim-temple-like light. My man is the model of the day. :)  #2 Very spacious and high ceiling. Instead of full concrete ceiling, they left a column of transparent glass ceiling to allow the natural sun light in.  #3 Door to exit to the yard. #4 Nice outdoor seati