Skillet @ 163 for His Birthday

Being an event planner myself, I sought to success in planing a surprise birthday dinner for my man. Been telling my man that I will bring him to Souled Out, and I volunteered myself to drive him there. My man was being quite a good boy despite his bad time management and caused half an hour delay for my reservation. But I couldn't scold a birthday boy, only can nag a bit la.

He was excited like a little boy when he realized I am bringing him to somewhere else. The moment when we reached Skillet, he was already happy with the environment and kept asking me how do I found this place. My cute little boy. :)

The first glance when we reach upstairs, modern and simplicity. 

I love how the red brick wall, vintage books and sofa that bring out the British style of this side.

Thank you Raymond for such a perfect seating arrangement as I requested somewhere with more privacy yet can have good photography. This seating fulfilled my requirements perfectly. :) 

With my handsome man. 

The whole upstairs belong to us before there is any other patrons, so I took the opportunity to, erhem, have some nice shooting.

Skillet in-house red wine - Cono Sur Tocornal Merlot 2013 from Chile. The wine is very smooth and gentle, where I can easily swallow thru my mouth to my throat. The plum fruits left delicious taste on my tongue.   

Soft fluffy buns served with butter that brings a sense of sweetness with slight sugar crunchiness. Such simple yet yummy starter already triggered my appetite and to be frank, quite positive and excited for the rest of dishes. 

Our appetizer was Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop served with pineapple Carpaccio, pink peppercorn and a touch of tarragon dressing. Very fresh and sweet scallop match with slight sourness, perfect for those who do not like the wild taste of seafood.

Skillet was being very kind by giving us two sets of complimentary appetizers. This was an Amuse Bouche Home Cured Salmon with Red Pepper Chutney on Toast. First I was amazed with the presentation of this appetizer, then I was astound with the taste. The softness of the salmon on my upper teeth, crunchiness of the toast on my lower teeth and finally both met when I bite them together. Aww~ I miss this so much!! *thumbs up*

Another complimentary appetizer was Mini Chicken Mille-Feuille. The grilled chicken was juicy and has a taste of satay sauce, accompanied with a thin layer of cripsy millefeuille. Skillet definitely brought this classic French savoury to a whole new level.

My main course was Chicken Roulade with Mushroom, served with cheese pudding, green tea puree and chicken jus. The chicken was tenderly juicy and ate it with green tea puree somehow freshen up your palette. Very unique combination.  

His Duck Confit served with braised apple & red cabbage, pumpkin puree, duck jus and candied ginger crisp. Compare to my main course, this duck was a bit dry and the texture almost, nearly stringy. But thank God, still chewable and you got three different taste when you eat it with different sauces and side dishes. I mixed them up and I love it. 

The portion for both main courses were huge. Me and my man were so full and took some time to eventually clean up our plates. If you are not a big eater, I suggest order for sharing. 

Sherlyn from Skillet team volunteered to take this photo for both of us. Thank you, very lovely. :)

Sherlyn and Shawn were being very attentive and waited patiently for my instruction to send up the surprise which I have indicated in my email previously. They always looked up to my direction, and finally I nodded my head, signalled them it's Time!!!  

My man with his birthday surprise! The photo became so dreamy with the hydrogen gas. Teehee~ 

This is the signature dessert of Skillet - Texture of Chocolate. Had some fun interactive session with Shawn explaining the chemical reaction of the whole dessert and my man be Thor for a moment. LOL. That little hammer. 

No candle, but given table fireworks! Woohoo~

The dessert is ready to eat. If you would like to try out the white chocolate in the middle, which was the 'popcorn' freeze by the hydrogen, make sure you have saliva on your tongue, and put a little white chocolate on your saliva, in order to melt down the white chocolate so that you don't numb your tongue afterwards.

We mixed them well and ate it happily. 

Thank you Sherlyn, Raymond and Shawn for the awesome coordination in making this surprise dinner a successful one! I was surprised too by the dessert that you all prepared, so unique and fun, as I thought the dessert is going to be like those normal cake with a candle only. Thanks for proved me wrong! Haha! :D Both me and my man loved the food, the environment, and the whole team of Skillet. So far, the best dining place I have ever visited! I will give 5 out of 5 stars! 

Happy birthday, my man. I hope you enjoyed this pre-birthday dinner and I knew you are terribly happy with everything I have done. LOL. 

p/s: You are a super lucky man for having me as your girlfriend - quoted by Skillet waiter, uncountable colleagues and friends. So yeah, you know what to do lo. ;/ 

Skillet @ 163
Address: 163, Fraser Place, No 10, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03-2181 2426


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