Miss Ellie Tea House

The pre-birthday dinner was a blast one at Skillet @ 163. On his actual birthday, I have suggested to have our brunch at Miss Ellie Tea House since we have no plan. 

My handsome man. I am like a fans stalking my idol at the side. *blushing*

If you did not order this here, then you should not tell people you've been here. The signature of Miss Ellie Tea House - Scones! A pair of scones where you are free to choose from four flavors: plain, raisin, chocolate and oat. Soft cream and strawberry jam were given to eat with the scones. A pair of scones with cream and jam, RM10.50. Additional charges if you would like to add on the cream and jam.  

Roast Mushroom Soup, RM8.50. Finally a mushroom soup where I don't find bitterness at all!! 

His Aussie Beef Casserole, RM18.50. The staff told us this beef has been stewed for about 5, 6 hours before it is served. Therefore the texture is so so soft, taste a little like those Taiwanese stew beef. 

My Bangers & Mash, RM16.50. I always love this dish, very simple yet fulfilling. Yummy. :) 

Two of us but ordered and took up the place for four persons! And you know la, we ended up feeling super duper full. 

Never did I know my man is my fans too who secretly took picture of me! Aww~ so sweet baby! 

Side note: I think my eyelashes grew longer as I no need to wear fake eyelashes anymore but original lashes are visible enough to be seen, teehee, happy me! Oh do you know that natural eyelashes are the in-trend in Japan now too? :)  

Okay, back to the topic. My man was happy with this place that I suggested. The lady boss was so kind and walked around to check out our comments about the food. When she asked is it my man's first time there, I said yes and told her it was his birthday actually. The lady boss was enlighten that we chosen her place for birthday brunch and gave her sincere birthday wishes to my man. So sweet of the lady boss. :D  

You guys should drop by this neighbourhood cafe as I think their food is definitely up-to-par and once you stepped in their cafe, you can feel yourself went into another space, like some vintage British garden style. Imagine such British menu with British interior designs, perfect afternoon tea!

Miss Ellie Tea House
Address: No.7, Jalan H3, Taman Melawati, 53100 KL.
Phone: 03-4162 0113



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