Genebin & Zo Cafe

My man was being so secretive and told me he will bring me to somewhere special for dinner. He kept reminding me not to eat too full so that I can still eat my dinner with him. My intuition told me that he was going to bring me for buffet. =.= 

And he proved me wrong.

A new cafe named Genebin & Zo. Sorry the lighting was a bit bad so the signboard completely dark and couldn't see in this photo.

Those typical black painting, cement finishing high top table, wood and steel element of furnitures. Simple, yet comfortable.

Another corner of the restaurant. Thank you both for making this photo a little lively. :)

Always my favorite section! Checked them out before I even look at the main menu. My sweet tooth is aching again after a week of healthy diet. Heehee.... 

A series of coffee for your selection. Current limited offer are Bolognese Meat Ball Pasta and Curry chicken Kaarage. The usual menu included croissant, sandwich and salad. 

My Hot Latte, RM8. Taste okay, but I want a more define latte art, can I? 

My man ordered the signature drink - Sparkling Americano Float, RM12


Steps to prepare this drink is pour the espresso shots into the soda. Then add in 2 scoops of vanilla ice creams on top. Tada! Now you can enjoy your Sparkling Americano Float! I sipped but too bad, the taste is too complicated, I couldn't analyse it. My man loved this drink, he said is nice. Now only I know his taste buds better than mine, or should I say, his taste buds meant for complicated taste? Your girl is a simple creature la.

Eggy Chicken Slice Salad, RM9. Firstly, I love the presentation. Secondly, this is consider quite a healthy choice as you know, mayonnaise is always the culprit of fatness, and they do not put in any mayonnaise. The vegetables very fresh too. Worth to try it out. 

Curry Chiken Kaarage Don, RM12. When I first saw the chicken, I was a bit worrying that these are going to be very hard to eat. But surprisingly, the chicken is very crispy yet juicy when I cut it. The Japanese curry taste just nice, not too salty nor too sweet. But I wish they can give more sauce. Overall, this is yummy.  

My dessert - Peanut Butter Crepe, RM13. Boss said this is new flavor so I decided to give it a try. And holy, this is so yummy with very rich peanut butter taste flooded in my mouth. This can totally satisfy a peanut butter freak. Like it!

My first dining experience was pretty good. All food and beverages eventually beyond my expectations. I will definitely go back for more!

Genebin & Zo Cafe
Address: No.17.G, Jalan 1/114, Kuchai Business Center, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 03-79720360 


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