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Miss Ellie Tea House

The pre-birthday dinner was a blast one at Skillet @ 163 . On his actual birthday, I have suggested to have our brunch at Miss Ellie Tea House since we have no plan.  #1 My handsome man. I am like a fans stalking my idol at the side. *blushing* #2 If you did not order this here, then you should not tell people you've been here. The signature of Miss Ellie Tea House - Scones! A pair of scones where you are free to choose from four flavors: plain, raisin, chocolate and oat. Soft cream and strawberry jam were given to eat with the scones. A pair of scones with cream and jam , RM10.50 . Additional charges if you would like to add on the cream and jam.   #3 Roast Mushroom Soup , RM8.50 . Finally a mushroom soup where I don't find bitterness at all!!  #4 His Aussie Beef Casserole , RM18.50 . The staff told us this beef has been stewed for about 5, 6 hours before it is served. Therefore the texture is so so soft, taste a little like those Taiwanese stew

Skillet @ 163 for His Birthday

Being an event planner myself, I sought to success in planing a surprise birthday dinner for my man. Been telling my man that I will bring him to Souled Out, and I volunteered myself to drive him there. My man was being quite a good boy despite his bad time management and caused half an hour delay for my reservation. But I couldn't scold a birthday boy, only can nag a bit la. He was excited like a little boy when he realized I am bringing him to somewhere else. The moment when we reached Skillet, he was already happy with the environment and kept asking me how do I found this place. My cute little boy. :) #1 The first glance when we reach upstairs, modern and simplicity.  #2 I love how the red brick wall, vintage books and sofa that bring out the British style of this side. Thank you Raymond for such a perfect seating arrangement as I requested somewhere with more privacy yet can have good photography. This seating fulfilled my requirements perfectly. :) 

Genebin & Zo Cafe

My man was being so secretive and told me he will bring me to somewhere special for dinner. He kept reminding me not to eat too full so that I can still eat my dinner with him. My intuition told me that he was going to bring me for buffet. =.=  And he proved me wrong. #1 A new cafe named Genebin & Zo. Sorry the lighting was a bit bad so the signboard completely dark and couldn't see in this photo. #2 Those typical black painting, cement finishing high top table, wood and steel element of furnitures. Simple, yet comfortable. #3 Another corner of the restaurant. Thank you both for making this photo a little lively. :) #4 Always my favorite section! Checked them out before I even look at the main menu. My sweet tooth is aching again after a week of healthy diet. Heehee....  #5 A series of coffee for your selection. Current limited offer are Bolognese Meat Ball Pasta and Curry chicken Kaarage. The usual menu included croissant, sandwich and