Great Eastern Color My Heart Run & Greenhouse by Muir

If you have not know yet, marathon has been the in-thing all over Malaysia now. Doubt it? Check out the run calendar here and you will be no doubt. I guess people tend to pursue a healthier lifestyle, and of course, just for fun. For me, who would love to pursue both healthier lifestyle and fun, have participated the Great Eastern Color My Heart Run 2015 Kuala Lumpur last Sunday.  

The field was packed with runners, music, trainers on stage leading the warm up routine. I was wondering how long have I not wake up at 4am and get to see dawn? 

Our first time exercise together. Please look at how clean our shirts were, before the run.

Tada! We are done with our 5km run! See how dirty and messy we are compare to previous photo! Love our heart shaped medal! So proud to announce that this is my first ever run medal! LOL. 

There were also inflatable interactive games available. My first time played the Bungee Run. Basically you and your opponent wearing a belt with a bungee cord attached to the center-back of the belt, then both run side-by-side down the long inflatable runway. Both were given a block and all you need to do is to stick the block onto the Velcro in the middle, the farer wins. Watch the video where me and my colleague fight over the winning, and I hurt a little on my elbow. But nah, it doesn't matter, is all about having fun. :) 

The signature mascot for Great Eastern. Such an adorable creature! Do you know what's its initial face color?You saw his legs? The yellowish brown color is the original color of his face. LOL. Thanks to the color powders!


Victor hold him so close until one of his eye can't be seen.

Me & Royce!

Love this photo so much! Thanks to the 12km runner who volunteered himself to take this shot for us. :) 

Finally done! Congratulations for each one of us who made it! 

After the 5km run, we walked all the way from Dataran Merdeka to Jalan Bukit Bintang, which was about 6km when we took taxi in the morning. Basically we walked more than 10km route on that day itself. Crazy, but I love how my muscles burn and sore.

My man has recently discovered a new place near Ampang. So 4 of us went there together to have our brunch. Yes, in our messy state, but who cares? This is why we are unique.

 Nice design of the building, like a glass house.

Outdoor space for greenery and natural breeze.

While waiting for Royce and Victor went to order their food, me & my man took a wefie. 

Sun Dried Tomatoes bread, RM5*. Personally I don't fancy this bread because I don't like the fact that I cannot differentiate whether this is sour or sweet. LOL. But despite the taste, I would say the texture of the bread is awesome! Very fluffy! 

Chocolate Super Cheese, RM6.50*. I love this! The sweetness of the chocolate combined with the saltiness of the cheese, who would know that they could blend so well!!! This is a must try bread! RECOMMENDED!! 

Eggs Named Benedict, RM15*. I did not try this one. According to my super picky colleague, Victor, he said that the taste is acceptable, the softness of the toast rate 7/10, the overall taste will be 8/10 for the combination of eggs, ham, fish flakes, and mustard sauce. 

Victor's Tamago Maki, RM4*. Victor said this is just average. Well, for the beverage that he ordered -  Seize The Day, RM17* , is a combination of beetroot, kale, carrot, apple and broccoli. He said this is extremely healthy drink but extremely expensive too. LOL.

Victor's Smoked Duck Salad, RM9.80*. He was suppose to take away this but he still felt hungry after the Tamago Maki. (my OST: why waste people's paper bag? =.=) Anyway, his advice for preparation of this salad is that do no pour all the sauce at once coz' it might be too salty later.

Our Unagi Kabayaki, RM18*. You can add RM6* for a set meal, including white rice, vegetable and miso soup. We have also add-on 2 Takoyaki and 2 Gyoza, RM1* each. To be frank, this pre-cooked dish got nothing to shout about. Is literally taste average, not even above average. Slight disappointed. 

My favorite Salmon Belly, RM22*. Instead of taking those pre-cut salmon in cling wrap, I ordered from the chef for freshly cut salmon belly. The thickness is just nice, and the slices were all according to the texture, which made it very smooth when bite it. 

*all prices before GST

Greenhouse by Muir is a building with four spaces, including Kuroshio Market - Japanese Seafood Market, Evendough - Bakery & Brewed Tea, and upcoming Minu - Modern Japanese Cuisine and Brycg - New Orleans Cuisine. Such concept is very modern and able to cater to different people needs and appetites, most importantly, under one roof. 

I suggest you guys try out the bakery which is really nice, and also fresh seafood. Pre-cooked dishes will be my alternative. One drawback about Greenhouse by Muir is the extremely limited parking bays. Basically we were triple double park, and left our contact number to the staff. He will call us to shift our car when someone wanna leave. My man has went to shift his car for about 2 to 3 times during our meal there. They are in the midst of discussion with the open space car park next door. Hopefully they can come out with something and solve the parking issues to cater the crowds. 

Greenhouse by Muir
Address: 1, Jalan Nipah, Kampung Berempang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur (in between Gleaneagles and Menara Great Eastern)  
Contact: 03-2630 6728 


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