Hong Kong - 太平山 The Peak

 We had some walk at International Finance Centre (IFC) shopping mall before my man suggested to bring me go to The Peak. Thou I resisted at first, but he said I should pay a visit there since I am in Hong Kong.

Okay, take a photo first to prove that I am here.
You can either choose to take a taxi up there or take the tram, I mean, everyone come here for the tram, so you may go up to the peak with the tram, and come down with a taxi, because you wouldn't want to experience twice for the queue.

Yes, you are right. On a Monday evening and the crowd was crazy!! I only managed to get into the tram after two trams.
Talking about the tram, I can't help but tell you all my experience with a coquettish girl. 
Main role: The Chinese coquettish girl
Supporting roles: Two young Caucasian boys
Guest roles: Valerie & her man
Scene 1:
The main role and her friends were rushing all the way to the front queue, not literally a queue, but a crowd. When the tram reached and stopped, main role realized the door is not stopping right in front of her. So she squeezed and came in front of me & my man, and behind of the two supporting roles. Then she shouted at her friends and asked them come to join her there so that they can get in quickly. I guess she really thought I am transparent and I looked like I am going to let her get her way. Too bad. I moved very close to her (with my bag pack putting in front of my chest) and left no space for her friends to 'join her'. I turned and looked at her friends with my scariest stares so that they know they should not cut the queue like this.
 Scene 2:
In the tram, this girl sat at second row, the two supporting roles sat in third row, while me and my man sat at fourth row. Eventually this girl asked (not literally ask, but took her phone out, on the front camera, and do some gesture) the two Caucasian boys to wefie with her, then she told her friends that one of the Caucasian boy is very cute. When the tram was going up, she used her super terrible English (I don't even know is that consider English) and told the Caucasian, "Hey hey (pointing at the night view outside) , biu-te-full!!" Oh my, I was thinking are you trying to say in Cantonese 'biu dai fu' (meaning = throw underwear)! Friends, she was trying to say 'Beautiful'. =.=
Sorry for being a bitch here, but I have some words for her. Appearance already not average, which I can't blame you because you are born with it; yet so rude and uncivilised to cut queue, terrible English still wanna flirt with Caucasian boys. Girl, education is very important. Please improve your inner self before you disgrace yourself further in public.  
*Keep calm and enjoy my peak*
Instead of spending a bomb for not so yummy food in The Peak restaurant (as per reviews), I told my man I wanna have my dinner at 麦奀云吞面世家 (Mak's Noodle).
We ordered the set dinner, including Dumpling Soup, Seasonal Vegetables with Oyster Sauce, Tossed Noodles with Shrimp Roe & Oyster Sauce, and Tossed Noodles with Chutney Pork.

The birthday witch and her dinner.
Overall the taste was good, definitely a good eatery at The Peak.
麦奀云吞面世家 Mak's Noodles
Address: Shop 1, G/F, The Peak Galleria, 118, Peak Road, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2854 3871
Hong Kong night view from The Peak Sky Terrace 428!!! Indeed a different feeling when all skyscrapers became so tiny, those lighting and the windy weather, oh feel so good!
I love my man who always be the man behind me. I love this photo so much. :D
Thanks for the wonderful night view on my birthday. Muaks muaks! xoxo

My man tied our wishing card on this giant heart 'Say I Love You at The Peak' wishing corner. No, not going to tell you what we wrote. :p
You can have few entertainments at The Peak, besides the tram and Sky Terrace 428, you can visit Madame Tussauds Hong Kong too. This is a tourist spot suitable for couple, family and friends. If you have time, then you should come for a look.



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