Hong Kong - 兰芳园 Lan Fong Yuen

Happy birthday to myself!! Birthday girl who woke up in Hong Kong this year (last year was in Singapore), feeling hyper excited for today's itinerary.

My man brought me to Central for this cafe that has run their business for than 60 years! I love vintage stuff and shop! 

Our Hot Milk Tea again. LOL. Never gonna miss the Hong Kong milk tea.

I have ordered 金牌猪扒包餐, which included火腿奄列 with hot tea. 

And this 金牌猪扒包! The bun and pork is very soft! A set of this costs HKD36

His 葱油猪扒捞丁. The noodle is quite normal, is the pork that tasted really good. If to compare overall taste, i think Hoi On Cafe served better noodle. This set also comes with your choice of tea or coffee, HKD36.

奶油猪仔包. I don't fancy this because this is too dry and hard. I want it to be softer. :(

I will suggest you come here for their 金牌猪扒包, not so much on the noodle thou. 

兰芳园 Lan Fong Yuen
Phone: 2544 3895 / 2854 0731
How can the street be so nice and made my photos look so magazine-like!!! *heart heart heart*

PrinCess of the Day: 
Hat, Forever 21 Hong Kong.
Hello Kitty dress, Kitschen.
Black tights, Uniqlo.
Sneaker, New Balance.

 I love my outfit and I truly enjoyed the freedom of wearing anything in Hong Kong, no weird stares like I always got in Malaysia. How I wish Malaysian can be more open to fashion trends and stop being such ke-poh-ci to comment how others wear. And one thing, there is really different definitions when you talk about Fashionista. To me, a X'mas tree is not fashionista, stop putting everything together. Wearing all branded stuffs doesn't mean you are fashionista too. No offence, just personal opinion.  



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