Hong Kong - Itinerary for 5 Days 4 Nights

In my previous posts, I've been sharing on interesting places and eatery that I have went to in Hong Kong. I will do a summary of places that I have been to over these 5 days 4 nights, you may have a look and take it as reference.
Day 1
1. 海安咖啡 - You can read the review here.
2. 西港城 Western Market - Old style building featuring craft, arts and fabric shops. Nothing much to shop thou. More on looking at the red brick exterior and Edwardian style build up.

Address: 上环德辅道中323号
3. 铜锣湾潮流区 - Surrounded by Sogo, Times Square, and all different malls that sells latest fashion apparels, accessories, etc.
4. 翠华餐厅 - You can read the review here.

5. 星光大道 - You can read the review here.
6. 旺角街 - The famous 女人街,波鞋街 and those streets with funny names, such as 金鱼街,花街,电器街, all can be found here. Very happening area, just like Causeway Bay.
7. 信和中心 - A heaven for Otaku! You can find anime, comics, figurines, toys, AV books & movies, kPop related merchandises, etc. Most importantly, Hot Toys Secret Base is in here!! Woohoo!! Hot Toys collectors will be overwhelming!!

Address: 旺角彌敦道580号
8. 猫店街 - You can read the review here.

9. 金百利 - A 4 storey building, each floor has about 20 over boutiques. You can get the latest fashion here, the price is not so cheap thou if you convert to Ringgit Malaysia. A top may costs more than RM100 (for a non branded). For me, a non branded fashionista, here is like my heaven. :)

Address: 铜锣湾记利佐治街1号
Day 2
1. 澳洲牛奶公司 - You can read the review here.

2. Hello Kitty Go Green 有机荟低炭农庄 - The must go destination for Hello Kitty fans!! You can read more cuteness here!

3. 元郎B仔凉粉 - You can read the review here.

4. 朗豪坊 Langham Place - This is 3-in-1 development, including shopping mall, hotel and office. Langham Mall is famous for its longest escalator among Hong Kong shopping malls. Langham Place has collaborated with Sanrio to have Hello Kitty exhibition in 2014. Super nice and kawaii deco but too bad I couldn't go and see!

Address: 旺角亞皆老街8号

5. 太子牛腩粉面 - You can read the review here.

6. 东角Laforet - Another shopping heaven similar to 金百利. but I think the clothing here is more unique, in a sense that many are local brands, and you won't see it everywhere.

Address: 铜锣湾东角道24-26号
Day 3
1. 兰芳园 - You can read the review here.

2. Visual Culture - This is Hong Kong's iconic eyewear and lifestyle select shop, which features more than 10 brands, such as Alberta Ferretti, Artigiano50's, ByWP, David Yurman, and Globe Specs, from Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, UK & US. My man loves the eyewear from Moscot, and of course, managed to got himself a sunglasses there. Go to my Instagram @princessmiharu if you wanna see how the sunglasses look like. It's the exact same one wore by Sam Gor in Triump In The Skies! Yes, not cheap. =.=|||
Address: 中环G/F, 20 Wyndham Street
3. J. Crew - A similar concept store like H&M and Uniqlo, despite the price is very high compare to the rest. I have spotted on few dresses and shoes, but holy shit, too freaking expensive. We went to the Men's Shop which has 3 storeys cater for men suiting and casual wear.
Address: 9 On Lan Street, Central
4. IFC - International Finance Centre, includes office building and shopping mall with over 200 international brands. My man is happy as he can find the city's only Apple Store here. The Apple fans will always get apple hyper excited, but no doubt, very nice interior design.
Address: 8, Finance Street, Central
5. 太平山 The Peak - You can read the review here.

6. 麦奀云吞面世家 - You can read the review here.

7. Hello Kitty Le Petit Café - You can read the review here.

8. Starbucks - Okay, i know you are puzzling why this Valerie thought we have not drink Starbucks before and need her to introduce. I only wanna recommend one drink which is not available in Malaysia - the Hojicha Tea Latte. Some of you might have tried before as per my understanding, Malaysia used to have this drink in their menu, before they completely removed it. I dunno why!! :(
Day 4
1. Hello Kitty Secret Garden - You can read the review here.

2. 周生生 - I must recommend this jewelry stores, where you can easily find the stores everywhere in Hong Kong. Why is a must recommendation? Because you can find Sanrio Hello Kitty collections here!!!

I managed to add in the below into my collection! See it here!

3. World Trade Centre More - WTC More is known as a top spot for mid-priced youth fashion. I found Peach John here! But didn't manage to buy any bra because I don't like the cutting. There are many Japanese apparel brands that can find here. Do come here if you always look out for Japanese fashion.
Address: 280, Gloucester Road, East Point.
Day 5
1. 凤城酒家 - You can read the review here.

2. 奇华饼家 - One of the most famous chain bakery store in Hong Kong. Bought those local delights for colleagues and family. Their pineappe tarts are not bad. Basically you can find them quite easily.

Hope my itinerary could be helpful to anyone of you who are traveling to Hong Kong anytime soon. Do leave a message to me if you need further information. I will be more than happy to provide any information that I know. The motive of my blogging passion : Sharing is Caring.  Have a great long weekend ahead peeps! Love ya!



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