Hong Kong - Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Good morning sunshine!!! My last second day in Hong Kong :(. Must cherish my time to visit another dream destination of mine - Hello Kitty Secret Garden!
We hopped onto 叮叮车 (tram), like finally!!! Always watched Hong Kong drama where those couples sit in 叮叮车, so romantic like that. It's my turn! LOL.
I kept pestering my man why is this call 叮叮车, as I don't hear any ding ding. I felt cheated. =.=
Apparently we went up to the wrong tram, kudos to my man. We have to find the nearest MRT station to get to the place.
Reached the Tin Hau station.
Walked about 8 mins to reach Ormsby Street. Guys, we are getting closer! :)
We are here!! A little surprised by the size of the café, too small huh!
How I love the vintage feel letter box! My man, can we have such letter box for our house in future?? *kitten eyes*

They served the same pastries as Hello Kitty Le Petit Café.
So cute the operation signage. Hehe..
My man ordered the signature Rose Latte while I ordered normal Latte, HKD40 each. And guess what? They put the rose petals wrongly into my latte. =.= what a careless mistake. Not a perfectionist, but still, a little disappointment.

My Hello Kitty's All Day Breakfast, HKD98 including 2 sunny side up, sautéed mushroom, bacon, smoked salmon, baked beans, corns, sausages, tomatoes and toast. I like all except the sausages. Will prefer a better quality sausages.

My man's Secret Garden Burger, HKD98. Burger with beef patty, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato and sour cucumber, comes with potato wedges. The beef patty is nicely cooked, not over done, hence is soft and easy to swallow. I like the chips, which have crisp crust yet soft middle.  
To compensate for not able to blow a cake on my birthday, we ordered a Banana Chocolate Ball, HKD58 and the waiter did some decorations on the plate and lit on a candle for me. :)

With the love of my life.:)

Birthday girl got to make her wishes over the whole March. LOL.

Coincidentally there was magazine editor and team went for a food review there. Why you no come interview me as well? =.=

I wish to ride on this bicycle with my Kitty F. sitting in the basket in front.
Come with me~

I know this is super adorable!! This area is for private event or VVIP only. Oh my, I wish to sit next to her and enjoy hi-tea with her! Such a lovely gorgeous Kitty!
I really enjoyed my time there with the scrumptious Kitty meal! Compare to the Hello Kitty café in Taipei, which served average food with terrible serving time and services, I think this Hello Kitty Secret Garden done a better job in term of food quality, serving time and services. Kitty fans, do not miss the chance to worship our lovely Hello Kitty here!
Hello Kitty Secret Garden
Address: G/F, 19 Ormsby Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Phone: +852  2808 2868
Oh ya, and I finally found the one thing that I wish to buy!

My Chow Sang Sang Sanrio Hello Kitty 999.9 Gold Ingot!!! We have been searching for it from few outlets in Causeway Bay, where the sale persons told me they no longer carry any Hello Kitty collection. One night when we passed by Chow Sang Sang in Mongkok, we saw Hello Kitty collections at the display window! So my man rushed into that shop and immediately asked them about this gold ingot. The sale person told him she can check for us to see whether their HQ still got stock or not, and asked us to give her a call on the next day (coz' we do not have Hong Kong numbers so we told her we will call her instead). Thank God, they have the very last piece on hand!! Another unique piece add into my collection! *wink*
  I am a happy girl! ^_^




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