Hong Kong - 凤城酒家 Fung Shing Restaurant Group

 Last day in Hong Kong! Woke up and tidied our stuffs, don't feel like check out and go home. But we can't fight with the reality. :'(

Upon checking out, we asked the receptionist where we can have good dim sum. She was very helpful and provided us the name and directions to the restaurant.

Located quite near to our hotel, and we found 凤城酒家 (Fung Shing Restaurant). They will heat and serve your choices of dim sum upon order, rather than those pre-heat one. Thou this will take slightly longer serving time, but I prefer this way because the food will be more fresh.
While waiting for our food, I asked my man to take photo with me, and our pose shall use the gesture from 1 to 5. And....look at the photos, from 1 to 5, he was having the same expression. =.= So not fun! Baby, you have to learn to let go and be more open!! Look at me! Full with expressions! :D
Okay, anyway, my man needs time. After all, he is a shy boy. :p

凤城虾饺皇, HKD33. Loving the crystal-like translucent skin.
Very big size compare to what I had in KL so far. The prawn is very fresh and firm yet soft.

黄金流沙包, HKD26. You know what is the most important texture for 流沙包? Yes, the watery egg yolk custard!! Thou this bun has the watery texture, but is too sweet :( , so slightly deduct mark for this.
香煎萝卜糕, HKD26. A big no no for this. I can't taste radish at all, only rice flour!!! Big disappointment!! :(
蟹籽烧卖皇, HKD29. Same as 虾饺, the size is big and the texture is again firm yet soft. But the taste is not as yummy as 虾饺.
蒜蓉蒸排骨, HKD29. The meat is not tenderly soft, maybe not well cook enough, very difficult to chew as the meat stick tightly on the bone. Despite the meat, the taste of the sauce is actually quite good. Should improve on the texture of the meat then this dish will be great.
I will give 2 out of 5 stars for all the dishes. You can have a try there, who knows maybe we have different taste.
凤城酒家 Fung Shing Restaurant Group
Address: 铜锣湾百德新街24-32号明珠城2楼
Phone: +852 2881 7873



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