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Hong Kong - Itinerary for 5 Days 4 Nights

In my previous posts, I've been sharing on interesting places and eatery that I have went to in Hong Kong. I will do a summary of places that I have been to over these 5 days 4 nights, you may have a look and take it as reference. Day 1 1. 海安咖啡 - You can read the review here . 2. 西港城 Western Market - Old style building featuring craft, arts and fabric shops. Nothing much to shop thou. More on looking at the red brick exterior and Edwardian style build up. Address: 上环德辅道中323号 3. 铜锣湾潮流区 - Surrounded by Sogo, Times Square, and all different malls that sells latest fashion apparels, accessories, etc. 4. 翠华餐厅 - You can read the review here .  5. 星光大道 - You can read the review here . 6. 旺角街 - The famous 女人街,波鞋街 and those streets with funny names, such as 金鱼街,花街,电器街, all can be found here. Very happening area, just like Causeway Bay. 7. 信和中心 - A heaven for Otaku! You can find anime, comics, figurines, toys, AV books &

Hong Kong - 凤城酒家 Fung Shing Restaurant Group

 Last day in Hong Kong! Woke up and tidied our stuffs, don't feel like check out and go home. But we can't fight with the reality. :'( Upon checking out, we asked the receptionist where we can have good dim sum. She was very helpful and provided us the name and directions to the restaurant. #1 Located quite near to our hotel, and we found 凤城酒家 (Fung Shing Restaurant). They will heat and serve your choices of dim sum upon order, rather than those pre-heat one. Thou this will take slightly longer serving time, but I prefer this way because the food will be more fresh.   #2 While waiting for our food, I asked my man to take photo with me, and our pose shall use the gesture from 1 to 5. And....look at the photos, from 1 to 5, he was having the same expression. =.= So not fun! Baby, you have to learn to let go and be more open!! Look at me! Full with expressions! :D   Okay, anyway, my man needs time. After all, he is a shy boy. :p #3 凤城虾饺皇, HKD33 .

Hong Kong - Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Good morning sunshine!!! My last second day in Hong Kong :(. Must cherish my time to visit another dream destination of mine - Hello Kitty Secret Garden!   #1 We hopped onto 叮叮车 (tram), like finally!!! Always watched Hong Kong drama where those couples sit in 叮叮车, so romantic like that. It's my turn! LOL.   #2 I kept pestering my man why is this call 叮叮车, as I don't hear any ding ding. I felt cheated. =.=   Apparently we went up to the wrong tram, kudos to my man. We have to find the nearest MRT station to get to the place.   #3 Reached the Tin Hau station.   #4 Walked about 8 mins to reach Ormsby Street. Guys, we are getting closer! :)   #5 We are here!! A little surprised by the size of the café, too small huh!   #6 How I love the vintage feel letter box! My man, can we have such letter box for our house in future?? *kitten eyes* #7 They served the same pastries as Hello Kitty Le Petit Café .   #8   #9