Hong Kong - 海安咖啡室 Hoi On Cafe

 Hi guys!! Have you guys missing my blog post? I hope you guys are waiting patiently for my update. I have just came back from Hong Kong, a birthday vacation gifted by my man. His 5th time while my first time to Hong Kong, I believe we have very different feelings and expectations. I am pretty sure he experienced very different things because his girlfriend insisted No Disneyland, No Time for Ocean Park, No need shop for Chanel thou they slashed their price. This girlfriend only wants 2 places: Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm and Hello Kitty Secret Garden café, and most importantly, FOOD, and more FOOODDD!!! Once a glutton cat, forever a glutton cat. Meow~

Upon landed Hong Kong International Airport, we took Airport Express to Hong Kong station and decided to go straight to Sheung Wan for our first Hong Kong food experience. Dragging my 10kg luggage, looking at the super fast escalator, I really don't know how to go up and down. I always need to stood there for a while, then quickly jumped onto the escalator. I walked slower than those elderly. =.= What a rushing life here.  

First food destination on my list is this 海安咖啡室 (Hoi On Café) located at Sheung Wan. We accidentally walked pass the café and luckily my man found out and we U-turn to get back to the café.

If you are going there, trust me, you may miss it because it is not so obvious actually. So do open your eyes big enough and always look on your left row of shops, instead of looking at the streets, such kepohci like me. =.= LOL.

Needless to say, if you visit to Hong Kong, must try their milk tea! 海安奶茶,HKD14 for hot one. Very smooth and unlike Malaysia, you can only taste the milk, but here you can taste the fragrance of tea, the proportion of milk and tea is just right.

Their signature drink, 鸳鸯红豆冰, HKD28. 鸳鸯 (yun yong) means coffee mix with tea, 红豆 (hong dao) means red bean. This combination present a bittersweet coolness to your taste bud, very unique indeed. 

By looking at it, I was pretty excited because the egg seems to be a lot compare to what I had in Malaysia. But my first bite proved me wrong. The crust at the bottom part is too much and I don't like it. I prefer more eggs than the crust.

Signature toast - 香葱碎牛滑蛋厚多士, HKD25. Fried spring onions with minced beef and eggs on top of thick toast. A very special savoury toast that I don't see in Malaysia and eventually it tasted so good with black pepper on it.  

双拼姜葱香油捞面, HKD43. We have chosen 叉烧 (roasted pork) and 熏鸭胸 (smoked duck breast). If you only chose one type, then it will be HKD38, additional HKD5 will be charge for 2 types. I have asked for the spicy one, so they have mixed in their homemade chilli, which is so yummy, and so spicy!! I like it!!

I would say that the service is consider quite good compare to those commercialized cafés that I had in Hong Kong. They served us with smile, talked to us nicely, basically consider quite friendly. They have crowd but you wouldn't feel stress eating there like they wanna chase you from the café so that they can entertain other patrons (trust me, I experienced that in 澳洲牛奶公司).  

Address: 上环干诺道西十七号
Phone: 25406340

 After the very scrumptious Hong Kong brunch, we departed to Causeway Bay for our hotel. When we reached the MTR station, we are confused and took some time to search for the correct exit as one station might have A, B, C, D, and more exits. Suddenly, our savour, LOL, a voice from behind asked us where we would like to go. There is this young boy with spectacles and earpiece offered his help and eventually led us out to Times Square. Then he said he gotta go and couldn't bring us to the hotel. I was like so thankful to him already because he saved us a lot of hassles. From Times Square, we managed to find the correct direction to our hotel.

The entrance is very appealing to me. I mean, very clean yet artistic. I always love such decoration.

Wait till you see our hotel lobby. 





I think the concept of Mini Hotel lobby is those type that, either you like it, or you hate it, because not everyone likes such combination. Some might find it very complicated. But to me, I think this is fun and literally mix & match. I like it. 

Never expect a big big room if you wanna stick to your accommodation budget. Anyway, I think this size is good enough, after all, a hotel is for me to sleep, shower and keep my stuffs only.  

Modern bathroom always comes in glasses and I love it because I can watch TV while showering. LOL. If you are too shy for such bathroom, then I guess Mini Hotel is not for you. 

Our accommodation is about RM1400++ for 4 nights. This rate is consider standard price in Hong Kong, unless you do not mind to go for backpacker style, those dome and shared bathroom, hmm... not for me thou. The location of Mini Hotel is very convenient and with such price, I would say is worthy.

Mini Hotel Causeway Bay
Address: 8, Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay
Phone: +852 3979 1199 

After checked in and rest for while, we went around to explore Causeway Bay. 

Must try their local roadside delights!!

 We ordered 鱼卖 (yu mai), 鱼蛋(fishball) and 炸大肠 (fried pork intestine) in curry sauce. The yu mai and fishball is very nice, but the fried pork intestine is not cook enough. So I threw away. :( 

Eating such local delights at roadside, while watching people walk here and there, luxury cars passed through the lanes, and under such cooling weather, I felt excited. :D 

Stay tune for next post to know where I went in Hong Kong! ;) 



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