Hong Kong - 猫店街 Cafe de Kitten

 As a Hello Kitty lover, I sort of like the real cats too, despite the fact that I like dogs more. Throughout this trip, I realized that Hongkongers like cats more than dogs, if compare to our Malaysians.

We happened to saw a banner on a lamp post, advertising a café with cats. My man as a 'cat owner' for so long, know that I am a big meow meow and sure wanna go to this café.

Pictures of funny animals disguised in different style. Haha.

These are definitely not kittens as the shop name sounds. They are huge cats.

Sleep like a boss.
Super Garfield-like cat! But he is very lansi. He kicked my man's hand away when he tried to pet him. Naughty cat!
A cat can be in deep thought while watching the skyscrapers outside the windows.

Organic tea to digest what we had eaten first day in Hong Kong.
This dumpling is quite yummy. At least something worthwhile to mention after my patronage here.
You can purchase some Kitten set meal and feed the kittens. Nope, I didn't do that. Why? You will know why later.

Total there are 9 cats in the house. But the cats are not so friendly, same as their owners here. =.= Okay, at least the guy in white shirt greeted us, but the lady is a bit not so good manner lo. Since the cats are so not friendly, I don't see why I should buy the set meal and eventually kick by the cats when feeding them. =.=
Conclusion is I won't go back again if I have chance. I mean, even if I stay in Hong Kong, I also won't go back again. They must always remember, there are so many others Kitten Cafes out there. They should be improving on their services and attitudes.
猫店街 Cafe de Kitten
Address: 旺角西洋菜南街1A-1K号百宝力商业中心7楼701室
Phone: 3568 5387




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