Hong Kong - 星光大道 Avenue of Stars

 As per previous post, I mentioned that my main intention is to try all the Hong Kong delights. While walking on the street in Causeway Bay, my man suggested we try 翠华餐厅 (Tsui Wah Restaurant), which is a public listed restaurant.

The entrance look so grand, I bet the price is not cheap. Anyway, all food in Hong Kong is not cheap.

 His 茶走 (cha zao) and my 丝袜奶茶. Actually you don't find pretty much difference among the milk tea in all Hong Kong restaurants. All tasted equally nice compare to Malaysia one. His 茶走 is basically tea with milk but without sugar. I like his 茶走 more than my 丝袜奶茶.
My 麻辣嫩鸡米线 (Spicy chicken rice noodle). I think Tsim Tung in Pandan Indah has a better chef to cook this, especially the soup base. Yes, thou it tasted like those Sichuan spiciness, and yeah, that's all it tasted. No other combination that can satisfy my taste buds. One thing I like is the chicken, very soft. That's it.   
His 翠华猪软骨炒饭 (Tsui Wah pork cartilage fried rice). Sorry to say that but tasted worse than those home cook fried rice. Too wet and sticky.
To be frank, Tsui Wah Restaurant serves the worse food among all the food I tried in this Hong Kong trip. I seriously do not understand how a public listed restaurant did not keep the standard and eventually can be worse than those small restaurant. Every time I passed by a Tsui Wah branch, I will shake my head and start to nag to my man. I really, really cannot accept such food standard.
Drinking my first 维他奶 that I bought from the mini store. Like how it won't make me feel thirsty after drinking it. Those soy milks that I had in Malaysia, might have too much sugar and preservative, I feel super thirsty every time I had them.
A must visit plus free tourist spot will be 星光大道 (Avenue of Stars), located at Tsim Sha Tsui.
Super crowded on Saturday night.
Basically this is a Hong Kong walk of fame along the Victoria Harbour waterfront. You will see many palm prints on the tile floor with their signatures and names. Besides that, the most exciting part that the crowd are waiting for, is A Symphony of Lights. This is a spectacular light and sound show, involves more than 40 buildings on both sides of the harbour.
You can enjoy A Symphony of Light daily at 8pm, which takes about 13 minutes. I personally found it not so impressive, maybe of the musical that was chosen that night. My man told me, last time when he was there, the music and lighting are so much better. Just my luck then. :(

After the free show, we had a stroll on the walk of fame, and started my not-so-fame posing skills. LOL.
Did I share with you guys before that I am ham sap? LOL. Go get yourself a translator if you don't understand what it means. :p
What you said? I can barely hear you! Oh well, never mind.
Omg! We being filmed for secretly dating here! Oops!
My man, no need to say hi! It's time to run away from paparazzi!
Wah! Huge Mak Dau!!! I want step on your big tummy!! hehehe~
Oh by the way, talking about this huge Mak Dau, I really can't tahan those PRC. They just simply don't know how to queue for their turns. While I was queuing patiently for my turn to take picture with this Mak Dau, those PRC just cut queue and jumped next to Mak Dau. Out of no choice, my man asked me to stand next to Mak Dau and ignore those PRC so that I could take photo with Mak Dau. While I was taking photo, those PRC still jumped into the frame. Really fml. Nope, should be ftl! =.= 
From Tsim Sha Tsui, we went to Mong Kok.
 This ice cream car is so vintage!! Oh they called it Mobile Softee! Hehe~ Very milky taste and I love their Octopus which is so convenient that I can use it almost everywhere! I got this vanilla softee with my Octopus! Octopus is a card where they use it for MRT, restaurants and many other things you can think of. Superb convenient!
 Yes, I did passed by 女人街 (Ladies Market). Yeah, passed by only because I do not want to walk at there. From a glance I can see this street is similar to our local Petaling Street. So I saved up my time for the rest of Mong Kok street, which I spent my midnight at 猫店街 (Café de Kitten), a café with 9 cats!! Will update that in my next post! ;)



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