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Hong Kong - 猫店街 Cafe de Kitten

 As a Hello Kitty lover, I sort of like the real cats too, despite the fact that I like dogs more. Throughout this trip, I realized that Hongkongers like cats more than dogs, if compare to our Malaysians. We happened to saw a banner on a lamp post, advertising a café with cats. My man as a 'cat owner' for so long, know that I am a big meow meow and sure wanna go to this café. #1 Pictures of funny animals disguised in different style. Haha. #2 These are definitely not kittens as the shop name sounds. They are huge cats.    #3 Sleep like a boss.   #4 Super Garfield-like cat! But he is very lansi. He kicked my man's hand away when he tried to pet him. Naughty cat!   #5 A cat can be in deep thought while watching the skyscrapers outside the windows.   #6  Organic tea to digest what we had eaten first day in Hong Kong.   #7 This dumpling is quite yummy. At least something worthwhile to mention after my patronage h

Hong Kong - 星光大道 Avenue of Stars

 As per previous post , I mentioned that my main intention is to try all the Hong Kong delights. While walking on the street in Causeway Bay, my man suggested we try 翠华餐厅 (Tsui Wah Restaurant), which is a public listed restaurant. #1 The entrance look so grand, I bet the price is not cheap. Anyway, all food in Hong Kong is not cheap. #2  His 茶走 (cha zao) and my 丝袜奶茶 . Actually you don't find pretty much difference among the milk tea in all Hong Kong restaurants. All tasted equally nice compare to Malaysia one. His 茶走 is basically tea with milk but without sugar. I like his 茶走 more than my 丝袜奶茶.   #3 My 麻辣嫩鸡米线 (Spicy chicken rice noodle). I think Tsim Tung in Pandan Indah has a better chef to cook this, especially the soup base. Yes, thou it tasted like those Sichuan spiciness, and yeah, that's all it tasted. No other combination that can satisfy my taste buds. One thing I like is the chicken, very soft. That's it.      #4 His 翠华猪软骨炒饭 (Ts

Hong Kong - 海安咖啡室 Hoi On Cafe

 Hi guys!! Have you guys missing my blog post? I hope you guys are waiting patiently for my update. I have just came back from Hong Kong, a birthday vacation gifted by my man. His 5th time while my first time to Hong Kong, I believe we have very different feelings and expectations. I am pretty sure he experienced very different things because his girlfriend insisted No Disneyland, No Time for Ocean Park, No need shop for Chanel thou they slashed their price. This girlfriend only wants 2 places: Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm and Hello Kitty Secret Garden café, and most importantly, FOOD, and more FOOODDD!!! Once a glutton cat, forever a glutton cat. Meow~ Upon landed Hong Kong International Airport, we took Airport Express to Hong Kong station and decided to go straight to Sheung Wan for our first Hong Kong food experience. Dragging my 10kg luggage, looking at the super fast escalator, I really don't know how to go up and down. I always need to stood there for a while, then q